Looking for a Water Restoration Company in Houston?


Imagine you enter your home after a hard, long day and witness your sofa and chairs floating in the water. A very unwelcoming sight, isn’t it?

Floods can happen due to several reasons – some unexplainable and some due to negligence. But if you encounter flood, and especially if the water is above 1 foot and has been standing for more than 24 hours, you must call for a water damage restoration company; because, seriously, you wouldn’t realize what the water might have done to your floor, carpet, bedding, walls and other stuff in those few hours.

You don’t want to take the risk, do you?

While this is one side of it, another crucial reason why you must take the assistance of a professional restoration company in Houston because flood is not the only source that can potentially damage your home. In fact, if you feel dampness along your walls, or get a musty smell from inside your wardrobes and kitchen cupboards, if you notice wallpapers and wall paint peeling off for no apparent reasons, or if you notice unexplainable mold growth, it definitely means water is clogged inside your walls and a part of your home is leaking somewhere.

Water damage restoration companies have tools and gadgets that can determine the intensity of water damage, the water penetration level, and the humidity in the air due to flooding. Not only this, but they also have a mechanism to expertly extract and dispose of sewer water and sanitize your home with high-quality deep cleansers.

Hiring a professional water damage restoration and carpet cleaner could be the right choice if you are facing the following circumstances:

  • A flooded basement that has no ventilation
  • Damaged water sump
  • Clogged washroom
  • Leaking pipeline or a burst pipeline
  • Soaked carpet and floorboards
  • Flood above 1 foot
  • Heavy rainfall flood
  • Flood water that contains sewer or chemical
  • Mold growth on several places across the walls
  • Peeling walls and the reason is unknown

These are some of the grave realities that if you ignore, it can cause serious damage to your house and people living in it.

For instance, standing water in your basement can erode the soil beneath and eventually shift your foundation by several feet, resulting in structural damage and untimely collapsing of building.

While this was about the basement, imagine mold growing on your carpets and upholsteries, and let’s not forget in the hard to reach, hidden places of your kitchen. Molds are very dangerous. They are bacterial growth that thrives in a damp and warm atmosphere. They can cause several health problems, including allergies, asthma, sleep apnea, and many other lung diseases if exposed for a very long period.

https://hallmark-mc.com/restoration-services/water-damage-houston-tx/ knows to take quick action – right from guiding you to safety over the phone, calling for the insurance company, extracting water, cleaning up the mess, blowing the area dry, ventilating and dehumidifying the area, and sanitizing the place – everything in a matter of few hours.

Certified companies also know how to handle sewer and other hazardous chemicals, and dispose of them safely.  Hire an expert at the right time and place to reduce possession and monetary loss.

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