5 Ways To Get Your Young Child Interested In Basketball


Playing basketball is a great way for children to stay active and learn how to be team players. If you enjoy playing or watching basketball and want to get your children involved, then there are several ways of doing so. It might take some time to teach your children how to play basketball, but once they learn, it’ll be a fun activity for the entire family to enjoy!

The first step, however, is getting your child to want to play. How can you get your child interested in basketball? 

Continue reading the guide below for several ways to build interest in your child.

1. Play as a Family

Playing as a whole family can help your child not only learn the rules of basketball but become interested as well. When they see you and their siblings playing the game, they’ll want to join in as well. Even if their skills aren’t great at the start, let them play with you.

They can practice passing the ball, taking shots, and dribbling! The more you play and they play with you, the better they’ll get and the more interested they might become. 

2. Make It Fun

Always remember to make it fun. Of course, there’s a bit of competition while playing the game, but do your best to show your child that you’re a good sport and that it’s all for fun. 

If your child starts to feel as though you or others will get upset if they don’t do well, then it can take the fun out of the game. This could then prevent them from wanting to play again. For this reason, try to keep it as fun as possible with a positive attitude. 

3. Invite Their Friends

Inviting their friends to come over and play a game with the family is a great way to get your child more involved and interested in playing. They might have friends who they can learn from, and they might have some friends whom they can teach. 

Children often learn best from their peers and your child will enjoy teaching friends how to play as well. Provide drinks and healthy snacks for them and they might even play all day!

It’s also worth signing your child up for a basketball camp or clinic. Here, they’ll meet new friends also interested in the sport. Be sure to look here for more information about basketball programs. 

4. Watch Basketball Together

If you often watch basketball games at home, then consider inviting your child to watch with you. Even if you believe they won’t be interested in it, it’s worth a try. Have some snacks prepared and really get into the game.

Remember to keep it fun and exciting so they’ll be intrigued. 

5. Avoid Forcing It

Unfortunately, not every child will find interest in playing basketball. Some will want to play right away while it might take some time for others. No matter what the situation, avoid forcing it. 

Forcing it can place pressure on your child, which can take the fun out of the experience. Let them learn and become interested at their own pace. 

Does Your Child Want to Play Basketball?

Is your child ready to play basketball? After going through the steps listed above, you should then have a better idea about your child’s interest in the sport. Remember to keep it fun, enjoy the sport with them, and let them become interested when they’re ready.

For more helpful parenting topics, check back here often.

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