5 Ways To Fix The Most Common Sewing Machine Problems


Regardless of the brand of sewing machine that you use, you will experience some technical issues once in a while, so it is good to know how to resolve some of these issues. Note that not all the machines problems are easy to rectify and in such a case, you will be required to hire a technician to handle the problem.

Here’s five ways you can use to fix the common sewing machine problems:

1. Broken Needles

Broken needles can be quite annoying and damaging to the fabric since the needle end up pulling off the threads of the garment or even make large holes in the clothing. Therefore, to prevent this from happening, change the needles after every use. Check the needle before you begin to work on a project, and you can also test its functionality using another fabric.

2. Thread breaking

There are different types of threads available in the market, and it’s no wonder that some may be made of inferior quality materials. So, if you notice that the thread keeps on tearing, especially when sewing a thick fabric, this could be as a result of poor quality of the thread. Change it and when buying a new one, make sure to ask for a referral on the right quality of cotton.

3. The machine is skipping the fabric

This is the issue where the machine moves, but it does not make any stitches on the garment. This can happen if the needle is either not fixed properly, it may be bent or even damaged. This causes the top thread from the needle not to reach the bobbin thus causing it not to make stitches on the fabric. Check for these issues, but if the problem happens again, change the needle.

4. The sewing machine stops to sew

Regardless of the kind of machine brand you are using, a sewing machine may require some push when starting it by pulling the hand wheel. If this still does not change, check out the fabric you are sewing since it could be causing the machine not to work correctly. Usually, a thick fabric may create the sewing machine not to sew well. But if the issue persists, then the device could be spoilt, and you need to replace it. To make sure that you buy the best machine that will not give you any issues, check bestsewingmachines.reviews to see the device that has the best features.

5. The engine is moving, but the needle does not move

If you realize that the machine is working, but the needle is stuck in one place, it could be the bobbin that has an issue. So, check to see if the bobbin is placed on the right level position.

Although it can be quite frustrating when the sewing machine starts to bring issues, especially when working on a project, some problems are easy to solve and can take a few minutes to do so. The above are some of the issues which tend to affect the sewing machines most of the times, but they are quite easy to solve. If you are not able to rectify the problem on your own, consider getting a technician to help you resolve the issue.

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Broken needles can be quite annoying and damaging to the fabric

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This is very nicely explained article and I loved it.