Why DamagedCars.com Represents a New Wave of Technology in the Recycling Industry


A car is in an accident and is deemed a total loss. An SUV has broken down yet again and just doesn’t seem to be worth fixing another time. A classic car has turned simply into a rusty pile of bolts and sheet metal, no longer roadworthy. It’s at this point that car owners often turn to selling their vehicle to people who will buy them in any condition.

When the decision to sell an unwanted or junk car is made, the scrap yard is the first place most people turn. They push, pull, or drag their car to the yard to collect at least a bit of money back out of their investment, albeit just a tiny fraction of what they’ve paid over the years. And no matter what car you drive, the same methodology is used to pay out for a scrap car – scrap vehicle by the ton.

That pricing structure is anything but equitable for the car owner, though. When one car is a complete wreck while another may still have a functioning drive train, and yet another is a write-off based on rodent damage, it hardly seems fair that they could all receive the same price on the scale. What’s worse is the waste associated with recycling vehicles that could either be repaired or dismantled to sell as good used parts.

The recycling industry has always been set up this way, but DamagedCars.com is changing how automotive salvage works.

Problems with the Traditional Car Recycling Method

As mentioned, the traditional method of recycling vehicles doesn’t account for differences in damage. Nor does it take into consideration the usual factors for selling a broken car – year, make, model and trim level, mileage and condition, and any special features or options it contains. In most cases, the car owner leaves money on the table because in any other industry, their car could potentially command a higher price on its merits.

Also, instances of undesirable interactions with salvage yards have come to light in recent years. There have been scams involving tow trucks that double-dip on fees, ‘storage fees’ charged to the former owner, and reneging on price after the vehicle has been towed away.

DamagedCars.com Brings Technology to an Old Industry

Enter a challenger to the traditional method of selling scrap cars to a salvage yard. DamagedCars.com has introduced a new wave of technology to enhance the seller’s and buyers’ experience in the automotive recycling industry.

A proprietary software tool has been developed to accurately appraise a vehicle’s worth despite being in less than perfect condition. Unlike common used car valuation tools like KBB.com and NADAGuides.com, the DamagedCars.com tool factors in damage that is beyond normal wear and tear.

Using large databases of vehicle information, DamagedCars.com is able to accurately gauge a car’s value in its current condition regardless of the mileage and condition. But that’s just the first step.

Then, once an accurate value is assigned to a vehicle, the damaged car is matched with a network of local buyers near the seller who are willing to purchase & tow the junk car. The best bid is then presented to the seller.

The benefits to selling the type of car you’d normally bring to the salvage yard on DamagedCars.com is obvious:

  • The seller is able to get a fair offer for their car from the safety of their home or office.
  • The seller gets a fair price for their vehicle instead of a per-pound rate.
  • Payment is fast and guaranteed.
  • The potential for repairs or recycling parts is possible, rather than being shredded for raw materials.

How DamagedCars.com Does It

DamagedCars.com’s proprietary software offers a streamlined process for dealing with unwanted, damaged, or old vehicles.

  • The seller requests a quote online from DamagedCars.com. There’s no obligation to sell nor fees to receive a quote.
  • After completing a vehicle questionnaire in detail, DamagedCars.com provides a quote based on its extensive database.
  • The offer is presented to the seller within about 90 seconds of submitting the request, and the seller has seven days to review and accept the guaranteed offer.
  • Should the quote be accepted, DamagedCars.com arranges payment within approximately two business days, as well as the paperwork to transfer title and complete the sale.
  • The buyer picks up the vehicle within approximately seven days of acceptance at no charge to the seller.

In an industry rife with complaints and concerns about fairness and safety, DamagedCars.com gives sellers a popular alternative. With their new technology and transparent process, selling a damaged vehicle in the United States has become much easier. To sell your old, unwanted, damaged, or total loss car or to join the buyer’s network in your area, navigate to DamagedCars.com.

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