5 Top Family Places To Visit In London During Your Vacation



5 Top Family Places To Visit In London During Your Vacation

London, the capital of UK has definitely got a plethora of attractions, which you can enjoy with your family, if you are planning to spend your vacation there. Just for your convenience and entertainment, given below are the top 5 places according to my experience, which you must visit, to make your journey one of the most pleasant and memorable experience of your life.

#1  The London Zoo


Over 150 years old and was originally constructed for conduction of scientific studies, the London zoo is a home to about 650 animal and bird species. Just for kid’s fun and entertainment, the zoo schedules animal feeding time during which they can feed any animal of their choice. It has also been awarded the title of “Best Tourism Experience” in 2010.  


#2 The Court Palace in Hampton


The Hampton court palace that has served the King Henry VII and VIII in the 16th century, has an interesting history, which many of you would love to explore, especially if you are passionate about art and archaeology.  Children on the other hand would feel excited to run through the garden maze that its grounds hold.

#3 London Wetland Center


For a full day outing, families can visit the London Wetland center, which is built over 42 hectare on the River Thames. The Park is home to various wildlife animals including snakes, moths and birds. Tour guides would guide you around the wetland center without charging any fee at all.


#4 Natural History Museum


Open all the year around, the London Museum of Natural history, provides a free entrance for all  visitors. Many people who visit the museum with families find the Darwin center as an interesting place, as  this area of museum is devoted to the scientist ‘Charles Darwin.’ In fact the center holds the status of museum’s major expansion, since the year of 1881.

#5 The London Aquarium


The London Aquarium that is home to 350 marine animals, features eels, jellyfish, piranhas and rays waiting to be discovered by interested families. The animals are divided across 14 themed areas, built over three floors. You can also experience walking over real sharks, in the “walk the shark walk” section.


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