5 Tips for Boosting Your WooCommerce Shop with Little Effort


About 30% of all online stores today are powered by the WooCommerce platform. This WordPress eCommerce plugin is simple to use and very efficient, which explains why it’s so popular. However, this simplicity is what makes it hard to stand out if you are running a WooCommerce online shop. In order to achieve the best results, your business will need to use every available trick and plugin that can enhance the efficiency of your shop.

Easy WooCommerce Website Boost with These 5 Tips

  • Add a ‘Refer a Friend’ feature

It doesn’t matter whether you install the Refer a Friend plugin or find some other way to add this functionality to your WooCommerce store. What matters is that you offer this option to your customers and provide a good discount to both your original client and their friend.

No matter how effective digital marketing is, it’s still ‘word of mouth’ that is the best driver of sales for small businesses. Offering discounts for introducing friends to your store doesn’t only attract new buyers but also enhances loyalty and boosts your brand image.

  • Switch to a specialized hosting

You might be satisfied with your hosting now. But if your goal is growing your online store, you’ll need to work with services that specialize in this. Moreover, you’ll need to find the one with a focus on WooCommerce in particular. This way you’ll ensure maximum efficiency and flexibility of server performance, which are the main things eCommerce shops need.

Be very thorough when comparing the available options of WooCommerce shop hosting. You’ll need to choose the one that will work best for your particular business. For example, HostGator offers fully or partially managed VPS hosting plans. This means you can take over more control of your shop if you have the necessary skills. BlueHost, on the other hand, offers specialized WooCommerce packages that are optimized to work best with this platform and can be used even by complete novices.

  • Get all the security you can get

The number of hacking attacks grows with every year, so one of the most important tips for boosting a WooCommerce online shop is enhancing security. This will not only protect your own business but also draw in more customers.

Display all your security certificates proudly and be sure to mention how all transactions through your store are 100% safe in your marketing campaign.

WordPress has many security plugins you can use like All In One WP Security & Firewall or Sucuri Security.

  • Give more attention (and love) to your organic traffic

Organic traffic is a vital source of new customers and you need to do everything possible to ensure you convert those first-time visitors into buyers. Try to get them hooked right away by generating immediate special offers. For example,  20% Off on the first order or Free Shipping, and don’t forget a little present to make that first purchase all the more special.

Tools, like OptinMonster, can track traffic and send out offers to the visitors coming directly from Google links.

You can also use similar tools for tracking the visitors who abandon their carts and send out follow-up offers to try and win them back.

  • Boost product descriptions with clever videos

Videos remain the most efficient visual for sales. Product videos, in particular, can boost sales greatly as 73% of visitors who watch them will buy the product. Therefore, it’s imperative to boost your product descriptions with short video files.

A great WooCommerce online shop should have clear, informative, and engaging descriptions featuring a few high-quality pictures for every product. The video doesn’t have to be professionally made to be effective. You can use simple tools, like Animoto or Animaker to make short clips yourself in a few hours. The main goal of such a video is to answer any questions about the product that customers might have.

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bhuva keval
6 years ago

Great Information.In recent times, the sales on the internet are flourishing better than ever. As the sales online are seeing hiked graphs, many business owners choose not to ignore how important digital marketing is. But it is not really a cake walk to excel in eCommerce . One should go through a lot of ideas before concluding upon one strategy.