Makeup Tips for Blondes: Get a Bombshell Look Easily


Being a blonde makes you stand out by default as only about 2% of the global population have that hair color. Of course, that number goes up a bit if you count bleached blondes. However, this look is still rare and it’s an undeniable fact that it’s stunning. These simple makeup tips for blondes will enhance the beauty of your golden (or silvery) locks.

5 Makeup Tips for Blondes: Let Yourself Shine

  • Get some color into your lashes and eyebrows

Natural blondes have very pale eyebrows and lashes, and that just wouldn’t do with today’s makeup trends. So, you’ll need to get the very best mascara that’ll make your lashes longer, thicker, and charcoal black. Some girls might need to use a specialized primer to enhance the shape of their natural lashes.

Same with eyebrows, you’ll need a product to shape and color them. If you need some inspiration, check out how Cara Delevingne, a renowned model, and actress, makes her eyebrows work with blonde hair:

  • Go all out on cold and silver

If you are a platinum blonde, you’ll need to stick with ‘cold’ colors in your makeup palette. For a special occasion, you should go for an all-out silver look. Line your eyes with a metallic-silvery pencil on the bottom and use a combo of gray eye-shadows on the top lid. Don’t forget to define your eye with black liner and use charcoal-black mascara.

To enhance your look, even more, you’ll need to bring more silver into your platinum locks. Fanola No Yellow can do this as this shampoo has a violet pigment, which counters the yellowing of bleached locks.

Note an important detail that the majority of makeup tips for blondes overlook. Those, who go for a silver-platinum look will need to choose their blush and lipstick from the blue-red color scheme. Stay away from all reddish colors that have a yellow or orange undertone.

  • Warm blondes need more gold

If you have naturally pale skin and gold-yellow-blonde hair color, you’ll need to use some extra spark to liven up your skin. Liquid foundations with some gold tint in them are the best choice. Note that silver-tinted ones will only make you look extremely pale.

Consider using some bronzer, but only lighter shades and don’t overdo it. You’ll need the warm colors to give a healthy glow to your complexion and still look natural. When using blush, go for coral shades, apricot, or pale peach.

  • Get back to the smoky eyes look

Smokey eyes are a truly timeless makeup look that can work in nearly every situation. Blonde locks make it work even better as your makeup will stand out beautifully. That’s why it’s essential to have that smoky look applied perfectly. Use this Cosmopolitan guide for help.

You should know that makeup tips for blondes usually call for a ‘toned down’ natural makeup. It will work well as well, but smoky is the best choice for any event when you need to look not only ‘prettily natural’ but stunning.

  • When in doubt – go neutral

If you aren’t sure which colors will work best for you or if you want to create as natural a look as possible, choose neutral colors. They look good on everyone, but on blondes, everything looks better.

Whether you should pick grays or browns depends on your natural skin tone and the shade of blonde you favor. For the lipstick – choose the lightest pink you can find. Avoid orange-based shades even if you are of a ‘warm blonde’ palette.

A neutral makeup will be perfect for the day, but you can make it into a party look by adding a bit more glow. You can go for a bold lipstick in the evening. Draw inspiration from Marilyn Monroe.

Makeup Tips for Blondes Get a Bombshell Look Easily

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