5 Things You Can Do To Change Your Lifestyle


Lifestyle diseases link to the way a person lives his or her life. The common cause of these diseases is unhealthy diets, lack of physical activities, and the use of substances such as alcohol, cigarettes, or even hard drugs. Simple lifestyle changes reduce the probability of getting ill by up to 70%. Choosing a healthy lifestyle results in a longer and more fulfilling life. This article will guide you to understanding five simple lifestyle changes that can reduce the risk of diabetes by 70%, heart attack, dementia by 60%, and cancer by 40%:

1)                  Quit Drinking

Alcohol has been assimilated as a way of life by many people. They will partake in drinking sprees during occasions. For some, it is a stress reliever at a day’s end. Deciding to quit will be a challenge, especially if it is part of your routine.

However difficult it seems, it is a healthy decision that can save you from illnesses that are painful, expensive to treat, and deadly. This habit is one of the main triggers of diseases that affect your heart, liver, and brain. Drinking kills brain cells and causes HBD, stroke, liver cirrhosis, hepatitis, and even some types of cancer.

Consuming more than five alcoholic drinks per week shorts your lifespan by two years. The best way to stop drinking is through a detoxification treatment program. If you do not go through detox, you are at risk of heightened withdrawal symptoms, which can trigger a relapse.

2)                  Get Enough Sleep Every Night

Sleeping for seven to nine hours per night is recommended. This period is essential so that our bodies can recharge for a new day. Not getting enough sleep causes a chemical imbalance in our bodies that affect our mood and performance. By getting enough sleep, you wake up energized and motivated, which directly affects your wellbeing. Most people who get enough sleep do not succumb to illnesses like cardiovascular diseases, obesity, and depression.

3)                  Maintain a Reasonable Weight

Being obese or underweight has many adverse effects on your health. A skinny person has a weakened immune system, low bone density and lacks energy. On the other hand, an overweight person is at risk of developing heart disease, arthritis and some types of cancers. You can avoid being on either end by eating the recommended calories for your age and exercising regularly.

4)                  Stop Sitting All Day

Having a desk job can limit the number of hours you stay active. However, you can counter that by exercising for an hour daily since it undoes the adverse effects of sitting all day. Also, when you get home, you should preoccupy yourself with chores instead of sitting on the couch. The intensity of your exercise schedule can improve your health. You can invest in a gadget that tracks your steps and target making ten thousand steps a day.

5)                  Do Not Forget To Drink Water

Staying hydrated is vital since our bodies rely on water for various functions. It is crucial to take eight glasses or 64 ounces of water in a day. Consuming this amount of water gives you better skin, and keeps you energetic.

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