Childproof Your Garage Using These 5 Safety Tips


Anyone who has kids knows that their curious spirit and desire to explore every inch of your home can lead to a dangerous situation. That is why most parents take childproofing a home very seriously. But one part of the home that often gets overlooked is the garage. The garage holds a lot of potentially dangerous items, and your child can get hurt even when you’re present due to an accident.

These accidents can have serious, life-changing consequences. That is why you should make sure the garage is perfectly safe for the children to be in. In this article, we’ll give you XY tips on how to child-proof your garage.

The Garage Door

Kids tend to run around fast, but the garage door moves faster. If the garage door drops on a child, it could seriously injure or kill them. That is especially true for older garage door models. That is why you should make sure to test the garage door reversing mechanism at least once a month. Make sure all the cables and springs are in good shape and never let your kids play with the garage door opener. You can learn more about garage door safety at this link:

Your Car

Another danger lurking in your garage is your vehicle. There are a number of ways a child can get injured when snooping around in the car. For example, there are a lot of cases where children end up locked in a vehicle. Since the temperature in the car is way higher than the outer temperature, this could lead to a heat stroke or worse.

Make sure your kids don’t have access to the car keys. Keep it locked at all times and make sure the kids aren’t in the way when backing out of the garage.

Dangerous Chemicals

Homeowners usually use the garage to store dangerous chemicals like cleaning chemicals, laundry chemicals like bleach, as well as paint and gas. All of these chemicals can be dangerous and somehow always appeal to children’s curiosity.

To prevent them from getting hurt, make sure you store the chemicals in a locked compartment and keep the key away from children’s reach. The lid of the containment unit should be child-proof as well.

Power Tools and Equipment

The garage is also home to dangerous sharp items like shovels, rakes, hedge clippers and power tools that can be dangerous if the children decide to play with them. Simply warning your kids is not enough, as they might get hurt by these items by accident. To prevent that, keep the tools or other equipment away in a hidden locker or consider ceiling storage that’s out of your kids’ reach.


Finally, stacked containers can also prove fatal to kids if they fall. Open containers are also dangerous, as children can get stuck inside them. Open containers are often fertile breeding ground for dangerous bacteria and pests as well. Therefore keep open containers like freezers under lock and key. Make sure storage containers are secured so they won’t fall over.

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