5 Reasons you Need A German Shepard


Choosing a family dog often brings challenges. One person in your family may want one type of breed, while other’s are thinking something completely different. When it comes to making a decision about introducing a new dog into your home, choosing the right breed that works with your family’s lifestyle is important. From their kind demeanor to their beautiful stature, German Shepards are a great choice for your families first, middle or even last pet. 

5 Reasons you Need A German Shepard

  • German Shepards will keep your family active and more healthy. German Shepards like to run and be outside exploring. By adding that energy level to your family atmosphere, that means that your entire family will become more active as well. No one can deny running around and interacting with an adorable German Shepard, right? Introducing your family to a dog that loves to be active is a great way to get outside and bond.
  • German Shepards are loyal and protective. If you’ve been on the hunt for a dog that will return your affection and stay loyal to you and your family, look no further than German Shepards. They are known to be gentle and loving, always by their owner’s side.
  • German Shepards tend to be easier to train. This shouldn’t come as a surprise since many law enforcement agencies prefer to have them alongside their police offers. They learn quickly and obey well. Even simple tasks such as “sit” and “stay” don’t often take long for them to have down pat. 
  • German Shepards are an extremely smart breed. While this may go hand in hand with being easier to train, it’s important to know that they are really intelligent. Dogs that are aware of their surroundings can also help to protect the family and owners as well. 
  • German Shepards can be great guard dogs as well. Sweet and protective can be two words that accurately can describe this breed of dog. Protecting your family with man’s best friend can be a great way to establish trust with your beloved family pet. 

Before choosing just any type of German Shepard for your family, make certain that you are purchasing one from an established and well-known breeder. Mittelwest German Shepards are known for their quality German Shepards and are a great place to start with your search! 

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