Logos Aren’t Just for Fortune 500 Companies – Your Blog Needs One Too


Anybody that has ever taken a marketing class has learned about the importance of logos. They have probably heard about companies that spent millions of dollars on logos to synchronize their brand. British Petroleum spent $211 million on its last logo design.

Of course, high-quality logos are just important for fortune 500 companies. Local businesses also appreciate the importance of having an excellent logo as well. This is a point that Dan Antonelli of Kickcharge Creative made clear in his Entrepreneur post.

Few entrepreneurs ignore this reality. There is, however, one group that seems to think they are the exception – bloggers. Many bloggers believe that they don’t need the same kind of brand identity that other businesses must build. This is a mistake.

Every blog should have a high-quality logo. There are several benefits that you should be aware of.

A logo shows that you are serious about your business as a blogger

There are far too many bloggers that put in a couple of weeks and then let their blog go stale. Readers are fully aware of this. If they feel that a blog owner didn’t even take the time to create a logo, then they will probably assume that it is one of their websites that is going to get abandoned within the next year.

If you create a high-quality logo, you are sending a message that you are serious. Bloggers will be more likely to believe you are in it for the long-haul and trust your content.

A high-quality logo makes your blog more distinguishable on other platforms

You are just going to be using your logo on your own blog. You’re probably also going to be using it on your social media profiles and websites that you submit guest posts to. People might not immediately register your name when they see your content on other platforms. It will be a lot more noticeable if it is attached to a distinguishable logo.

You help drive the message of your brand home

Your blog is a business. You have a mission statement just like any other company. It is probably already stated in the tagline under your main header or the about page on your site.

Some people don’t like reading a lot of text, though. You need a simpler way to communicate the gist of your branding message. A logo can do this very well.

What do you need to do to make sure your logo communicates your brand as a blogger

Now that you understand the importance of a logo for your blog, you need to make sure that it is designed properly. Here are some quick guidelines that should help:

Make sure you have a stellar design tool

There are a lot of great logo design tools. You may want to look into this logo maker from Designhill. This logo maker is superior to most others on the market, because it relies on some of the most advanced machine learning algorithms in existence. It can create thousands of logos in less than five minutes, which makes it easy to find a logo that works for your brand.

Use a simple design to make sure your message is easy to understand

Simplicity works best. Apple changed its logo to be much easier to understand over the past 40 years. Don’t make their original mistake.

Choose colors, contours and design elements that resonate with your target audience

You need to keep the mindset of your customers in mind at all times. Choose a logo design that is going to appeal to them.

Make sure that different elements of your logo aren’t sending contrasting messages

You might not realize that small design elements can send very different messages. Correct them before you put your logo on your website.

Solicit feedback from the right people

One of my friends is a graphic designer. She says that is very frustrating listening to clients that get feedback from their friends or 12-year old daughter. They are not your customers. You need to ask your customers what they think of your logo – not someone else.

Design the Right Logo for Your Blog

Creating a great logo isn’t going to be easy. However, it will be much simpler if you keep these principles in mind.

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