5 Reasons to Support Mompreneurs


Moms have a tough job. They spend time raising their kids and supporting them to ensure they have a happy and healthy life. It takes time, energy and money to care for a young child or multiple children. This job, though challenging, brings many rewards, especially those adorable smiles that come from kids. 

Mothers have truly learned the art of multitasking. They’re organized, dedicated and exceptional at managing their time to get everything done. Many moms work while raising their children, whether it be a part-time job or a full-time career working at an office. However, the trend of moms working in an office setting is slowly fading, and the rise of mompreneurs has wholly changed the small business market.

What Is a Mompreneur? 

Mompreneur combines the words “mom” and “entrepreneur.” A mompreneur is a mother who has set up and runs her own business in addition to being a full-time mom. These women are incredibly inspiring. It can be hectic and stressful enough to be a mom, and adding on a business that comes with its challenges is a feat in itself, too. 

Finding the balance between motherhood and entrepreneurship is what makes mompreneurs so successful. It takes a lot of patience, love and perseverance to nurture both children and a business, and fortunately, there are those superheroes out there that do both. 

Here are five reasons to support mompreneurs.

1. They Make Incredible Leaders

Moms are already great leaders. They raise their children and teach them how to thrive in this world. They’re leaders who care about the result, and they have to make tough parenting decisions along the way. Children often look up to their moms for advice and for how to act. 

The same is true for a small business. Business owners have to make quick decisions and may have to sacrifice to support their business. Their clients should look up to them and respect them, much like children do with moms. Motherhood is a leadership role, so when a mom steps up to be a business owner, she’s already got a head start on leading her company. 

2. They Can Handle Stress

Have you ever met a mom who hasn’t handled stress? Being a mom can be stressful at times. New mothers experience crying, having to care for another human and caring for themselves. Even moms of older children stress when their kids come to them with a project due the next day. There’s a lot to handle as a mom, but they manage to handle the stress. 

Starting a business is stressful, too. Mompreneurs are undoubtedly excited to step into the small business realm, but that doesn’t mean they are immune to the stress certain circumstances can bring, like not having the correct equipment or not making enough sales to break even. Yet, mompreneurs already have an arsenal of coping skills they can use to mitigate stress and overcome obstacles. 

3. They Make a Significant Impact on the Economy

In 2020 alone, there were over 12 million businesses owned by women. Especially once the pandemic hit, women and moms wanted to be home and stay home with their children while working. Many chose to leave their corporate jobs for something new.

Small businesses have the freedom to operate whenever and however they want to, and this freedom attracts mompreneurs everywhere. Even before the pandemic, women-owned businesses boosted the economy — in 2019, they were able to generate nearly $2 trillion in revenue. 

4. They Run Their Business to Support Their Kids

Many mompreneurs make their children their inspiration for starting their own businesses. Whether they have a child who they’re trying to raise awareness for or come up with a product first designed in their own home for their own children, they use their business to support their kids. 

Kids of mompreneurs are often the first testers of sample products or services. Children allow moms to think of new and efficient ways of doing things, which eventually unfolds into a small business. Although many of the mompreneurs have a second income from a spouse, they still need people to support their businesses to continue providing for their children.

5. They Empower Other Women and Make the World Better

A final reason to support mompreneurs is that they empower other women and genuinely want to make the world a better place. When a mom starts a new business, all while tackling the tasks of motherhood, it sparks a movement of other moms wanting to do the same. Other moms are inspired to join the small business world. 

Besides inspiring other moms, they encourage their children. They can show their kids that anything is possible if they put their minds to it. Mompreneurs of this century are building up a generation of believers and doers in the business world. 

Support the Mompreneurs You Know

Now that you know why you should support mompreneurs, you can actively go out and support them. Buy their products both online and offline. Offer to give reviews on their products and refer them to other people. You could also watch their kids for a few hours on their busier days! 

Find a mompreneur, be inspired and support her.

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