How to Find a Temp jobs Toronto; a Guide with Steps and Tips


People opt for temp jobs Toronto for different reasons. It is a way of finding work fast, and it allows you to gain more experience as you earn a living. Some people even decide to work on temp jobs for the better part of their lives. These are especially people who prefer a lot of job flexibility.

This Team Global write-up will help you understand more about temp jobs Toronto , how to find the right jobs, and tips for applying when looking for one. Let us get straight to it.


  • A temporary job


It is a job in which a person agrees to work for a company for a given period. The firm states the number of days or months the job will last. Most companies that offer temporary jobs work with seasons.  Sometimes, temp jobs Toronto can lead to permanent employment, especially if a permanent employee resigns when the temporary one is around. 


  • Benefits of a temporary job


As much as you are not permanently employed, and your contract will take only months, temporary jobs still have some advantages. 

  1. It is a quicker way of getting a paying job
  2. With it, the employee gains experience in the field they are working in
  3. It allows the employee to explore different career fields
  4. The temporary employee gets familiar with the field they want to pursue their career in


  • How do you find a temporary job?


Finding a temporary job is not hard. You can use temporary job agencies to secure one for you or look on the internet for companies offering temp jobs Toronto because most advertise there. When you start finding one, follow these steps.


  • Prepare your resume


Whether you are finding a temporary or a permanent job, this is always the first step. Ensure you read the job offer requirements first and then adjust your resume to suit the advertised position. The more it stands out from many applicants, the more likely you are you land the job. 


  • Use job boards to look for temporary positions


You will find both permanent and temporary job positions advertised on job boards. The companies will always indicate if the work is permanent or temporary. Your interest is in temp jobs Toronto, so look for temporary positions.


  • Get a temporary job agent for the position you desire


Working with a job agency to look for a job will take off the pressure from you. These agencies specialize in helping people find temporary positions in their desired field. If you are looking for a job in economics or statistics, you will get an agent that specializes in that field. Also, other agents specialize in finding jobs for people in specific geographical areas. 


  • What are your salary requirements?


Research the average salary offered for the field you wish to apply for. It helps you know what you will quote as your salary expectations to make sure your salary needs are met.


  • Read through the roles to understand the employer’s expectations


Ask about the time length you will work in that company and read the roles well to know what will be expected of you before accepting the offer. This helps you start preparing early for what to do next after your contract is over.

Essential tips when looking for a temporary job

  1. Choose the right job agency- you will meet many agencies claiming that they will help you get a temporary job. Ensure you choose a genuine one and that they specialize in that particular field. Make sure to ask for recommendations and referrals and arrange for a consultation with the job agency and ask hard questions.
  2. Customize your resume to suit the job you are applying for. This does not mean you lie. Do not send the same resume to all the jobs you are applying for. Read through the requirements of the job and tweak your resume to relate to that job offer. 
  3. Take your job seriously– being a temporary job does not mean that you should joke around. That temporary job can lead you to a permanent position, but only if the employer views you as a trustworthy employee.

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fall guys
3 years ago

flexibility at work is very important!

Lauren Francis
Lauren Francis
3 years ago

Getting a job a in Nigeria is easy with it makes the whole job search easy.

3 years ago

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