The Five 2021 Summer Trends You Won’t Expect!


It’s been a long year for everyone and this summer’s fashion trends certainly show it! While last year’s trends were all about athleisure wear and total comfort, the trends of this summer 2021 are all about bright colors, fun textures and novel fashion! It seems like many people are getting tired of their work-from-home attire and are longing to express themselves again through trendy clothing. We’ve got a list of the 5 best trends for the 2021 summer season that you won’t expect! 

  • Glitzy Goth 

If you dreamed of rocking head-to-toe black as a kid but your parents wouldn’t let you, you can finally let your goth girl dreams come true! For better or worse, social media has been influencing fashion for years now and with the rise of TikTok many fashion subcultures are getting a lot of exposure. One of these is goth fashion and with it the revival of spiked collars, leg warmers, chains, platform shoes and lots of black! 

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  • Puffy Sandals

If you love super comfortable clothing this next trend is for you! Puffy sandals are exactly what the name suggests… sandals that feature quilted, puffy fabric as their main focal point. You know a trend has made it big when everyone from fashion powerhouses like Bottega Veneta to budget-retailers like Mango come out with their own pair! When you wear a bold trend like a puffy sandal, keep the rest of your outfit more neutral to help balance it out. 

  • Disco Ball Attire

Back in January, Elle magazine predicted that silver would be in this summer, and they were right! The biggest names in fashion like Burbery, Louis Vuitton, and Balmain all introduced some metallic silver into their summer collections. While silver is usually reserved for jewelry or party attire, this summer we’re seeing it all over the place including bathing suits, tops and even from head to toe! If head-to-toe silver seems a little too martian for you, try incorporating just one silver statement piece, like a metallic blazer or sequined dress into your wardrobe. 

  • Cottagecore

This is another summer trend totally inspired by social media and last year’s events. While we were closed up indoors over the last year, many people started to dream of the quaint countryside and as a result, cottagecore was born! Cottagecore is a design aesthetic that’s all about romanticizing nature, florals, and country living. Think of something a Jane Austin heroine would wear! If you want to bring a little cottagecore into your own life, shop for prairie dresses, puffy sleeves and lace details. Or, you know, just drop everything and move to the countryside to live out your own country cottage dreams for real! 

  • Tie-dye

Get ready to pull out your old tie-dye kit because this trend has made a comeback in a major way! It’s been a few seasons since tye-dye made waves and this trend shows no signs of slowing down. This summer, we’re seeing effortlessly cool matching t-shirt and short tie-dye combos, even on some major celebrities. So whether you go for a full rainbow tie-dye or a more muted palette, there’s an iteration of this trend for all tastes! 

These are 5 of the top fashion trends for summer 2021 that we did not see coming! Which of these new trends will you be including into your own summer plans?

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