How To Become A Brand Ambassador


It’s no secret that large and small companies are hiring bloggers to represent their companies as brand ambassadors. If you’re interested in becoming a brand ambassador, there are few things you need to know.

What does a brand ambassador do?

A brand ambassador is basically a spokesperson for a company both online and off. To be an ambassador you’ll need to acquire a vast knowledge about the brand. You should be able to talk about the brand as easily as you talk about your own children. Furthermore, you should be able to answer questions regarding a brands products or services. Most brands will require you to write about their product or service on a regular basis. You’ll want to spread these posts out over the course of time; otherwise you pose a risk of alienating your audience.


As a brand ambassador, you may also be required to promote the brand by placing banners in prime positions on your blog or newsletter. Moreover, tweeting and sharing on social media sites in order to gain more exposure will be expected. Some brands may ask you to use hashtags with your tweets so that they can track them. A brand may also ask that you become an active participant on their Facebook page.


Representing a brand offline, may consist of attending events on behalf of the company. For example, when I represented XYZ Company at a prominent blog convention I was asked to wear clothing with the brand’s logo. In addition, they provided me with business cards that not only represented my company, but carried their company’s brand on the back of the business card. There are numerous ways a brand may ask you to represent them offline.


Disclosure is a must when working as a brand ambassador. Whenever you are compensated by a company to speak about their product, you must disclose this information at all times. This includes using social media networks.

If you are talking about a company on Twitter, Facebook or, PopularReviews then you must disclose that you are an ambassador for the brand.

How do you become a brand ambassador?


Typically, a public relations firm will contact a blogger if they are interested in you. However, you can approach a public relations manager yourself. You’ll need to let them know exactly why they should consider you as an ambassador for their brand, and what you can do for them. In fact, I encourage you to seek opportunities with company brands you feel are a good fit for you. Don’t sit around and wait for an opportunity to come knocking, you could find yourself waiting a long time!


Get Noticed


Make your presence known on the company’s Facebook page. Tweet them. You’re a fan – let them know it! They just may notice. Be sure to state on your blog’s media/pr page that you’re interested in working with brands in this capacity. List brands that you currently have a relationship with and those that you have worked with in the past.


How much do brand ambassadors get paid?


Don’t work for peanuts! You’ve worked hard to build your own brand using your blog. When you start thinking of your blog as a business, you’ll become more successful as an ambassador. Ask yourself this question, if you worked as a cashier at Wal-Mart, would you work for free? Obviously your answer is NO! Working as an ambassador is no different. You are an entrepreneur. You’ve worked hard, you stand out and someone noticed. So, don’t work for free. Work with the brand to reach a mutual agreement.


Some companies will compensate you with products, and if the product fits the work, then that may be compensation enough. However, if the product vs. work is not up to par, than monetary compensation may be required on your behalf. Don’t be afraid to let the company know your requirements.


There are many factors to take into consideration when compiling the details of a contract between the blogger and the brand. You may even consider consulting a legal representative if you are unsure. Find out exactly what the company expects from you. Take a few days to think it over. Write down and ask any question you have before signing an agreement with a brand. After all, you want to be the best ambassador you can be.


Good luck and happy blogging,

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