5 Reasons Successful Moms Prefer Cloth Diapers …and Why You Should Too!


The new trend of using cloth diapers (link to: https://www.cuddlebearbottoms.com) instead of disposable ones is changing the diaper norm forever. Moms are embracing this new trend because cloth diapers benefit babies, parents, and even the environment. Here are the top 5 reasons successful mothers choose to use cloth diapers as an alternative to disposable ones:

  1. Affordability

Since cloth diapers are reusable, they are extremely affordable and save mothers a significant amount of money. Instead of constantly buying disposable diapers, moms can wash cloth diapers over and over again. The cost of continuously buying disposable diapers really adds up, especially if you have more than one baby. Mothers with more than one child can reuse cloth diapers over a long period of time because of their durability, which saves them a lot of money in the long run. 

  1. Skin Benefits

Unlike disposable diapers, cloth diapers are not manufactured with chemicals, which means that they are better for your baby’s sensitive skin. Since you can wash cloth diapers in the laundry regularly, they are always clean and keep your baby’s skin dry and rash free. By using cloth diapers, you can say goodbye to buying rash cream and say hello to your baby’s flawless, rash free skin!

  1. Environmental Impact

When dirty disposable diapers are thrown out, they end up directly in landfills. Since they take hundreds of years to degrade, these diapers contaminate groundwater as soon as they hit the landfill until they fully deteriorate. Therefore, using cloth diapers is undoubtedly the eco-friendlier option. Not only do they reduce the amount of disposable diapers that make their way to landfills, but cloth diapers also conserve natural resources during the manufacturing process. Therefore, mothers who use cloth diapers have a positive impact on the environment.

  1. Convenience

With such busy schedules, moms are always on the go. Why not give yourself a break and make your schedule more convenient by using cloth diapers? Cloth diapers can easily be thrown in with any load of laundry, which avoids the need to replenish your diaper supply whenever you run out of disposable ones. No more running to the store every time your diaper stock runs low! 

  1. Adorable Styles

Finally, cloth diapers come in a variety of adorable styles that will make your child the best dressed baby around. When buying cloth diapers, you can choose from so many trendy prints and colors. As a mother of 3, Lerro explains that shopping for cloth diapers is actually exciting because “there is always going to be a new print you must have or a diaper style you desperately want to try”. Moreover, since the trend is quickly becoming very popular, more baby stores are starting to sell cloth diapers, which means there is now an endless amount of different adorable styles to choose from.

Overall, successful moms are using cloth diapers instead of disposable ones because the new trend is cost-effective, eco-friendly, convenient, adorable, and has health benefits for babies. Take advantage of the latest trend in diapering and switch over to cloth diapers, you won’t regret it.

About the Author – Cassandra Lerro

Cassandra Lerro, owner of Cuddle Bear Bottoms (link to: https://www.cuddlebearbottoms.com/), publishes online blog posts that detail her personal journey with cloth diapers. In the blog post entitled Why Cloth Diapers and Other Questions Answered, Cassandra explains that “the price of cloth seemed to be the better option; I spent around a total of $500 for all my cloth diapers that have lasted me 4 years and 2 babies so far”. By following the trend of cloth diapers, Cassandra has taken advantage of the more environmentally friendly, fashion trendy and affordable diaper option.

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