5 Tips to Create a Comfortable Study Environment for Your Kids


We all want our children to be at their best behavior during study time. But sometimes what we do not understand is their lack of comfort. Around the house, there are so many distractions for children. Food, television, toys, even art supplies become a huge distraction once they sit down to study. While we can have a separate study room for them, there still may be certain inevitable distractions. For all the moms who are worried about their children studying in a comfortable environment, here are a few tips to make your lives easier:

1. Control the Temperature

It is important that the room is comfortable in terms of temperature. You can get heating/cooling supplies from National Air Warehouse to maintain a balanced temperature in your study room. Once the temperature is controlled using air conditioners/heaters, you will experience less excuses to go out for fresh air! Always remember, children will come up with all kinds of silly excuses to simply spend a few minutes away from their books. Temperature control is the first task you need to carry out for eliminating all such silly excuses.

2. Eliminate Distractions

At times we decorate the study rooms so children are attracted to them. Funnily enough, children get distracted with decorated wallpapers, animated decoration pieces and even cartoons drawn on their study tables. While maintaining your love for decoration, make sure things are rather simpler and non-distracting. You can use colorful wallpapers but not the ones with their favorite cartoons on them. You can go for patterned study tables instead of having animated action heroes drawn on them.

Apart from cartoons and decorations, distractions may include art supplies. When the children are studying, make sure all creative and crafty material is out of their sight. Instead of keeping them out of the room altogether, hide them on the top shelf so your children cannot reach them.

3. Offer Snacks

Sometimes all a child needs is a little reward for his hard work. You can use crackers and biscuits to reward your children when they complete their home work. Set milestones for them to reach depending on the kind of work they have. If they learn one lesson, give them a treat at the end of it. It is important to keep them interested in studies without making education boring. Small treats such as chocolates and juices work wonders when they know they’ll be rewarded when they’re done.

4. Make a Timetable

A comfortable environment for a child is the one he understands best. Therefore, setting goals and making time-bound study adjustments may be key to obtaining good results. A timetable that sets an hour specified for studying is better than having to change it every day. Once the children know they have to study after 5 PM, they will have an anticipation for the activity. Make sure their timetable is made with an equal interval from dinner time to lunch time. This way, their complete routine will be settled and they will not feel agitated in studying.

5. Light and Sound Adjustment

While this issue may be ignored at most places, it is one of the biggest reasons why children are not comfortable studying. You need to ensure that there is minimal sound intervention in the study room you have chosen. Furthermore, the lights are kept at an angle which is parallel to how your children will sit. Not only will this help retain their healthy eyesight, but also prevent them from stressing about situations they may not be able to identify. Keeping a steady wall light is better than having different lamps on the study tables.

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4 years ago

Very good, I think I found the knowledge I needed

Umer Idrisi
4 years ago

Hi there,

Really short and effective tips here, thanks for this. I will recommend this article to my family members.


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Lucina Care
4 years ago

These tips are very more effective for our children. i think good information for every parents. Thanks for sharing blog.

4 years ago

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4 years ago

This is the core responsibility of parents to provide the comfortable environment to their children to study, during studies, there should be no restrictions, and no pressure because everyone has his own ability to do things.

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