5 Puppy Products That Every Dog Owner Must Have


A puppy can be such a wonderful addition to your family. It is cute and it can be lots of fun, it can help unite a family and in fact, it can be just like having a lovely new baby in your home. Although fun, as an owner, you have a responsibility to look after it and train it. To begin with, especially if you are new to dogs, it can be a bit of a time consuming effort as your dog learns what to do and what not to do. The following puppy products represent some of the ‘must haves’ for your pup. 

Collar and Leash

Your puppy will need to be tagged with your name, address and telephone number, after all, you do not want to take the chance that your pup wanders off. A new puppy is playful and could even stray from the confines of your home or garden area if you happen to become distracted and leave the door open. A puppy has not worn a collar before so in order that he / she has become used to the experience, it makes sense that the collar is made from a soft material and is flexible rather than rigid. You will also need a leash to go for walks with your pup. An extending leash is always a good idea to allow your pup to wander further than you perhaps want to.


It is always an idea to have your pup get used to a crate at an early age. Dogs like enclosures as they can feel safe in their confines. When you are training your pup, it may be an idea to have him / her restrained for a period of time, for example if you pop out or if you are cleaning the house. Crates are also excellent for car journeys and by restraining your pup in a crate which they can’t open, it means that they can safely be transported from one destination to another. It is not sensible to have a dog, whether it is a pup or not, travel in a car without some form of restraint.

Doggie Bed

Your pup will eventually move to a doggie bed and purchasing a comfortable bed will allow not only your pup to have a good sleep, it will save you being wakened by it becoming restless in the middle of the night. Doggie beds come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and are made from different materials, some are waterproof too.

Water Container

It is essential that your pup be hydrated throughout the day. You can do this by providing a traditional bowl, whether it be ceramic or stainless steel or you can provide your pup with a water fountain which will dispense the water. A fountain can be fun for your pup and even encourage him / her to drink more.


There are a massive range of toys to choose from and there will be several which will suit your pup. Chewy toys, and toys that you, your pup and your family can use to all play together.

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