WOOFtale Collar Device review & a $100 Petco Giveaway!




From the moment Harley came into our lives, we knew she was the right dog for us. Even though she has the energy of a young kid when we take her outside on a walk in her harness. My husband and I always worry she will go to far into the woods on our property.

You see we have a rather large farm with many animals but when it come to seeing coyotes on our land we get worried even when we allow Harley to roam around at night. Now my worries of her whereabouts while she is wondering around on the property at night is no longer a worry anymore and here’s why!

WOOFtale has her covered; it’s a device that hooks onto your dog’s collar that has GPS capabilities. Yes, a GPS!!! You can download the WOOFtale app to use on your smartphone or tablet to keep track of your precious pet 24/7. No worry anymore, just sit back and relax while your pet is enjoying outdoors. Tracking them is right at your fingertip and not only that WOOFtale will alert you if your pet goes outside of the “Safety perimeter” that you have set up!

WOOFtale even has a social application where you can share your dogs activities across social networks, plan meet-ups or community events and connect with other dog owners in your area.

WOOFtale can also be used to monitor your dogs activity level and how many calories they’re using. Its a good way to help them stay active and healthy.

WOOFtale  provides the owner with training videos, tips and how-to articles to help guide you through teaching your little buddy. They also have training tips that will help you and your family get alone better with your canine friend.


I’m sure every dog owner will want a WOOFtale for their dogs? It will be available late spring or early summer. If you want to be notified of when it becomes available, visit the WOOFtale site and sign up for product updates via email. When you sign up for updates you’ll be automatically entered for a chance to win a WOOFtale!

Now its giveaway time! You can enter to win a $100 Petco gift card below. Giveaway is open to the US and will end 5/06/2015 midnight.  CLICK GIVEAWAY LOGO TO GO TO GIVEAWAY ENTRY


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