4 Ways to Set a Positive Example For Your Children


Sure, there are plenty of roles that are important in life, but few are as important as the role that parents have.  It’s up to them to set a positive example for future generations and help mold the next round of adults that will run the world. 

One of the best ways to improve our chances of the earth’s future is to set a positive example for our kids. Here are some of the best ways that you can do that every day.

Show The Value of Hard Work

One of the most essential things you can show a child is the importance of hard work. Whether you work with high precision measuring tools in a warehouse, or you work on a laptop from home, the type of your career isn’t as important as your work ethic. Show your children how important it is to do your best, and be an active member of a team. Teach them the value of showing up and being a part of a project, and ultimately what the purpose of your job is. 

Explain how your job works, and why you get paid for what you do. Many children don’t understand the value of a dollar, or exactly why their parents go to work every day. So the more you can show them why you do what you do, the more likely they will be to pursue a career that pays off.

Stay Calm

Children are quite literally little sponges. Be careful about how you react to situations around them. The more you can maintain a calm attitude and minimal emotion during high stress, the more you will pass that behavior on to them. The reason you should stay calm isn’t that you’re trying to be an emotionless robot, but rather because high emotions can cloud our ability to make decisions. Staying calm permits us to analyze a situation more effectively, and ultimately stay in control.

Admit When You’re Wrong

It’s impossible to go through your entire life never making a single mistake. The goal shouldn’t be to avoid making mistakes altogether, but rather to admit when you’ve made one. Show your children the importance of owning up to your errors, and being willing to say “I’m sorry.” 

The more you can show your children that it’s okay not to be perfect, but it’s not okay not to excuse yourself, the more they will treat others and themselves with respect.

Be Kind

Pay attention to how you talk to other people around your children. If you’re kind to the world around you, then chances are your children will pick up on that behavior too. Whether it’s ordering a coffee at the cafe or talking to a customer service representative on the phone, be kind and in turn, the future world will be a kinder place.

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