Tools to Help You Prepare Your High Schooler for College


Moving from high school to college is a stressful experience, and while it’s certainly stressful for your high schooler, it may be just as stressful for you as a parent. It can be daunting to watch your child leave the nest in real time, and being able to support your child as they strike out on their own is an incredibly important part of the system. If you’re wondering how you’re going to be able to set your student up for success, consider suggesting these tools to your child.

1. Online Organizational Tools

Organizational tools are an absolute must-have for your child when they first start with college. Time management is the bane of many people’s lives; even as a parent, you may have some issues with time management. However, it’s even more frustrating for many students, who may not have a lot of experience with this.

Online organizational tools come in many different shapes and sizes, but that can be a good thing if you’re willing to help your student. Do some research into different organizational tools and help your child try some different tools out. The structure you can provide may be able to reach into structure that your child takes with them.

2. Test-Taking Practices

Test-taking is frustrating in both high school and college, but many college students find that it’s more difficult in high school. College students may have more self-driven studying, and they may take fewer tests that have larger impacts on their grades. That means learning how to take tests is an extremely important part of preparing for college.

There are plenty of ways to take practice tests online that don’t infringe upon a college’s cheating policy. Many practice tests go over common subjects in a specific course, but don’t pull directly from current or past tests at a specific college. These are great resources for students who aren’t sure whether they’re ready yet.

3. Academic Help

Many high schoolers need a little bit of extra help during the college experience. For example, what happens if you miss a lecture or you’re having a hard time understanding a homework problem? This is often more prevalent in college than it is in high school. In these cases, your student may benefit from additional classroom help through OneClass.

OneClass offers a number of different options when it comes to maximizing your child’s knowledge in the classroom. For example, they may be able to find thorough notes from seasoned note-takers that can help them fill in gaps in their knowledge. They may also be able to take advantage of one-on-one tutoring if they’re having trouble with a specific class. No matter what type of help they need, OneClass can bolster their college experience.


There are many tools your high schooler might want to invest in during the jump to college. Some of these may be more difficult to come across than others; for example, many high schoolers choose to purchase a phone or a laptop to make college assignments and communication easier. However, if you want to support your child during the transition from high school to college, consider some of the tools on this list first.

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Lana Daniels
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