How To Support Your Child’s Preparations For Med School


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As a parent, the best way to ensure your child succeeds in their career and life is by offering the needed support. If your son or daughter expresses the desire to become a medical practitioner, you may wonder how to guide them as they prepare to pursue this dream. 

Besides providing the necessary resources, there are other ways you can help. Here are a few suggestions you can consider: 

  • Help Them Stay Focused 

There are several things a student must do as they prepare for medical school. For instance, they must volunteer to serve others, gain some experience in the medical field, participate in a research project, apply to various schools, and prepare for admission tests. All these tasks can be overwhelming, but they’re necessary to kickstart a career in this field successfully. 

It’s easy for students to shift their focus from the main goal. They can be distracted by friends, social media, games, television, and other things. Besides these, they may get discouraged from pursuing their career if they seek guidance from the wrong places. 

Helping your child stay focused on their goal is an important way to support them. You can do this by assuring them that many interesting opportunities will be available even after finishing school. Also, helping them create a productive routine will enable them to manage their premedical tasks. 

You can encourage them to talk to you about things that may be distracting them and find workable solutions. Besides that, advise them to use reliable sites like for accurate information, credible guidance, and trustworthy testimonials from medical students or graduates.

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  • Encourage Activities That Boost Medical School Application  

It helps to encourage your child’s participation in activities that can boost their medical school application. Some of the things required by admission committees are community service, research, and shadowing physicians. 

Though aspiring medical students don’t have to give up on their other hobbies, they must show they can make sacrifices and keep their studies and careers ahead. This is required because prioritizing is necessary during residency and medical school. 

Encouraging your child to participate in the required activities before applying for medical school will help them have stronger recommendation letters. They’ll also have a competitive advantage over other students.

  • Find Other Reliable Advisors

As a parent, you may not be able to offer everything your child needs in preparation for medical studies. So, it’s vital to have reliable people guide your son or daughter in areas you may be limited. 

You can rely on science teachers if your child is still in high school. They know your son’s or daughter’s weaknesses and strengths in class and can help them improve where necessary. Teachers can also help students identify colleges suitable for their goals. 

A medical university or college advisor can also be instrumental. They’ll advise on the application process, course selection, and the necessary extracurricular activities. Other people you can rely on for guidance are mentors, medical school professors, and successful graduates. 

  • Help Them Develop The Necessary Skills 

There are several skills your child must have to succeed in medical school and their career. Examples are:

  • Patience

Medical students have to study for more years than those in other careers. Also, they must go for volunteering, physician shadowing, residency, fellowships, and perform other tasks to become qualified. This requires a lot of patience from an aspiring practitioner. 

You can help your child develop this skill by giving them duties that’ll help them achieve this virtue. For instance, assign chores or have them take care of a garden, a home pet, or a grandparent. Set long-term goals for these tasks and delay rewards to teach them patience.

  • Resilience

Sometimes things won’t go as expected for your child as they pursue their dream. They may fail exams or feel overwhelmed with their studies. During such times, they need to exercise resilience. 

You can help your son or daughter develop this skill by letting them engage in self or group competitive sports or academic activities. They’ll cope with failure and learn from errors more efficiently. This way, they’ll be better prepared for challenges they may encounter afterward in school or their career. 

  • Balance

Medicine is a field that requires more commitment than several other fields. However, one must find ways to balance work and personal life. Failure to do this often causes many people in this field to struggle with burnout, stress, and dissatisfaction. 

It is essential to teach aspiring medical professionals how to balance their personal and career life. You can do this by training your child to participate in family activities and care for themselves by exercising while still preparing for medical school. This way, it’ll be easy for them to balance relationships, school, and extracurriculars. 

It’s crucial to help your child develop the above skills and others as they prepare for medical studies. They’ll have a better chance of succeeding in school and their career. 

Final Thoughts 

Besides providing the necessary resources, there are other ways to support your child in preparing for medical school. As you’ve learned in this article, you can help by teaching them to stay focused and encouraging them to participate in activities that boost medical school applications. Also, find other reliable advisors in areas beyond your expertise and help your child develop the skills necessary for school and the medical field.

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duck life
1 month ago

I am not sure what to prepare for my child when starting Med school. Thanks for your great ideas.

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Jordan Law
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