What makes Graduate Programmes a Great First Job


Graduate schemes can last from months to not exceeding two years. These are full-time jobs with almost all the workplace benefits. Today we will discuss in great detail why Graduate programmes can make a great first job!

What Exactly Is A Graduate Scheme?

Graduate schemes are different to internships in that they are mainly reserved for those who have graduated from University and they will provide a decent starting salary. Large-scale companies recruit final-year students at entry-level jobs, known as graduate schemes. These are designed to introduce you to all the sectors of a company you will be dealing with. 

Grad schemes can last from months to not exceeding two years. These are full-time jobs with almost all the workplace benefits. 

Larger companies usually offer graduate schemes. Sectors that offer grad schemes the most include banking, consulting, HR, and healthcare. 

After completing your graduate scheme successfully, you can be offered the full-time role you have applied for. 

Graduate schemes open the window of many opportunities for you. You can learn many things practically that you have only learned in theory at your University or college. 

Additionally, graduate programmes enrich your experience too. Communication is an essential part of any industry, and doing a graduate scheme teaches you the way of professional communication. 

Is It Essential To Get A Job After Graduation?

Getting a job after graduation is not always about earning money. To make a living and pay off debts, if there are any, is the most crucial reason. But it’s not only about getting highly paid also. 

Mental well-being is a good reason why anyone should get a job. Engaging in something that pays off always helps you feel better and more confident. 

Getting a job allows you to learn to deal with the real world and gives you some valuable experience. Now the question arises, is it necessary to get on board right after graduation? 

Well, it is unlikely to get a senior position in a reputed company just after graduation. As a fresher, you must gather relevant experiences (for which graduate schemes are designed), learn to deal with people, and gain specific industry knowledge. 

Unless you are outstanding, meeting the criteria for a senior post in a significant workplace often requires years. 

So starting as early as possible will always give you the upper hand. Joining a graduate scheme helps you bridge the gap between your academic knowledge and the industry.

5 Reasons Why Graduate Schemes Are A Great First Job

A fresh graduate can choose among different career routes. Entrepreneurship, Interns, Graduate jobs are some of them, along with grad schemes. We will be discussing here why you should go for a grad scheme in the first place. 

1.   High Earning Potential

The big companies offer graduate schemes, and most of the time, they come with ample remuneration. They usually recruit for long-term employment and pay the freshers a generous amount. This is also a reason why grad schemes are competitive.

2.   Gather Experience 

The companies will pay you and will teach you sincerely. They know you have no previous experience but are a candidate with high potential. For example, working as a nurse at some hospitals is a way to free cna classes without paying for formal training.

So they don’t hesitate or get bothered instructing you. Different roles in different sectors within the same company are also offered. This allows you to learn to deal with divergence. 

Companies hold training sessions, one-to-one guidance, and support for the freshers.

3.   Potential Future Roles

Companies contract with an employee for their own sake for extended periods. They also want to benefit from the knowledge and experience you gather. 

Working in a single industry for extended periods benefits both the employer and employee to carry out tasks efficiently. This is why companies offer senior positions gradually. 

It’s not very difficult to get posted in a senior position after entering through the grad scheme.

4.   Job Security

Longer contracts mean a more extended period you give your best on what you are working on. Grad schemes are full-time roles. The contract before you get a fixed term is at least 1 year. 

You won’t have to seek other alternatives to secure your future during this period. The chances of getting a fixed contract after the grad scheme is high.

5.   Choices with Qualifications

While you work for a large organisation, you gain two things. Connections and Experience. It’s entirely up to you whether you continue where you are or go on your own. 

After you gain experience within different departments, you can confidently choose what fits you the best. You can also use the connections of larger companies to gain from.

Apart from these reasons, numerous other benefits of graduate schemes are a great first job. 

Let’s take the example of two students who have entered the job market at the same time. The difference is that one entered the job market as a graduate scheme and the other as a full-time employee. 

The student who has entered the office as a full-time employee must take on many workloads. In contrast, students who entered the office as a grad scheme can easily adapt to the workplace slowly. 

So, these are some of the reasons why graduate schemes are a great first job. 

Find Out The Reason Behind Companies Hiring Fresh Graduate

There are multiple reasons behind hiring a fresh graduate. Any company would want to hire someone best. But oftentimes, there’s no perfect fit. 

Someone with a wealth of experience might not provide the features of a fresh graduate. Here are some reasons why a fresh graduate might be preferable for many companies:

  1. Fresh Graduates are keen to learn,
  2. They are adaptable to any position,
  3. They are technologically advanced,
  4.  Newer generations are capable of multitasking with ease.
  5. They have a fresh outlook and can often develop a modern solution.

Graduate Schemes And Their Opportunities In The USA

The job market for a freshman graduate is highly competitive. But as the graduate schemes require no previous experience, it is a golden opportunity for the graduates. The major sectors that offer graduate schemes are as follows:

  •     Electronics
  •     Software
  •     Finance 
  •     Pharmaceuticals 
  •     Petroleum 
  •     Chemicals 
  •     Motor vehicles 
  •     Aerospace 
  •     Telecommunications 
  •     Entertainment 

The US economy is gradually recovering, and unemployment or underemployment is decreasing. As the fourth industrial revolution continues, new positions in new sectors should emerge. 

The US is the world leader in the media industry. All the tech giants at least have an office in the US. They offer a significant number of grad schemes each year.

Getting a job in the US requires English proficiency at first, which shouldn’t be a problem for any resident. By the end of their student visa period, foreign graduates shall get the proper visa to work full-time. 

Before joining, rules, regulations, and laws shall sincerely be understood. Joining a full-time position after the end of the graduate scheme is likely in companies.

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