5 Questions to Ask When Considering Starting a Family


Deciding to start a family with the one you love is undoubtedly exciting, but many underlying factors and circumstances should be addressed first. Make sure both you and your partner are of the same mindset and understand the commitment that comes with family planning. We understand that starting those conversations can be a bit uncomfortable, so we’ve come up with five questions for you and your partner to consider when thinking about starting a family together.

So, before you start checking out all the new Subaru specials for a car seat ready hatchback, sit down with your partner and asked yourselves these five questions.

Are we ready?

Most importantly, are you both ready? Whether it’s your biological clock ticking away, your peers showing off their babies, or the “subtle” hints from the hopeful grandparents-to-be, at one time or another, many have experienced the unprecedented desire to have a baby as both men and women get the occasional touch of “baby fever.” But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time for you to think about having one of your own.


What are our options?

Are you and your partner able to conceive naturally? Will you require a donor or surrogate? Are visiting fertility specialists or undergoing IVF treatment feasible options? Are you open to fostering or adopting a child? And if it came to it, would you be willing to travel in order to see the best fertility doctor Los Angeles has to offer?

Which options are you comfortable pursuing, and are you willing to put in the time, money, and effort that having a baby sometimes requires?

Can we afford this?

Ask yourself: Will my health insurance really help me throughout this pregnancy? Will I be able to cover the costs of fertility specialists, if needed? Will my new family be able to afford time off from work if there is no paid maternity or family leave provided?

Babies are expensive, and aside from the various medical bills, you’ll need to determine if your current health insurance plan will adequately cover your growing family.

For example, membership to a community-funded health insurance plan that relies on committee approval for healthcare payments, like MediShare might be perfect for a young, healthy couple, but with the added medical expenses of prenatal, postnatal, and newborn care, exploring your other health insurance options might be financially beneficial. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources to turn to when looking for an alternative to MediShare. For example, Health Quote Gurus can help you find a provider that better suits the needs of you and your growing family.

Are we in a good place?

The occasional pang of baby fever, overbearing in-laws, or one partner anxiously wanting to have a baby are not good reasons to actually commit to having a baby. When thinking about starting a family you really need to take a step back and look at the state of your relationship.

Are you both happy and content in your relationship? Do you both feel you evenly contribute to the household and relationship? Are one or both of you willing and able to take a break or even step away from your career, if deemed necessary? It will be helpful to know of any misgivings, prior to starting your family, this way you’ll be able to discuss and work on issues that may be present in your relationship.

Will we need to move?

Babies may be small, but they sure take up a lot of space. Is there enough space to live comfortably with a new baby? Will you need to be within a closer proximity to your work or daycare to accommodate your new, fuller schedule?

Before deciding it’s time to have a baby, think about if you really want to share your small apartment with a new baby, or if it might be worth waiting until you have adequate spacing and finances.

Of course, there are many more things to consider when it comes to family planning, but these five questions will hopefully open the floor for further discussion for you and your partner.

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