4 Reasons Sexual Health Education is Important in High School


Only 20 states require sexual health education in the high school which is why many continue to lobby for all states to require this type of education. There are some people who believe that talking about sexual health and sexuality will encourage teens to be sexually active. There are other schools of thought that believe that such education is helpful and encourages teens to be more aware of their bodies and help them understand that they have can make a choice about the topic. In fact, making a choice to be sexually active can be one that is life-changing. In this article, we will explore some reasons as to why sexual health education in high school is important.

  1. Avoid negative health consequences. Teaching about the topic of sex and the dangers of being sexually active with teenagers is important as it can help them learn how they have serious choices to make about their bodies. It is also important to educate teens about the possibility of catching sexually transmitted infections that could be life changing. STI’s can be avoided by having the knowledge to prevent them from happening. To learn more about STI’s, visit stdaware.com for more information.

  2. Understand healthy and unhealthy relationships. Having a healthy relationship requires many skills such as communicating well with one another, resolving conflict, and discussing decisions that matter such as sex. If one is not mature enough to handle these important skills, they should not be engaging in sexual activity. Doing so could lead to unhealthy or violent relationships. Sex education can help teens understand what a healthy relationship looks like compared to one that is not healthy and is dangerous.

  3. Encourages students to defer having sex until they are truly ready. Sexual health education that encompasses everything about sex can teach abstinence which is the only 100% effective way to avoid STI’s, HIV, and unwanted pregnancy. It also encourages teens to understand and take pride in the fact that they have a choice and can say no.

  4. Value their bodies. Sex education teaches teens about puberty and the development of the human anatomy. It also helps teens understand that there is a decision to make when it comes to how they behave and engage with others. By teaching teens about sex and the human anatomy, you can help students understand that they have a choice to make when it comes to sex and that they should feel empowered to say yes or no. Finally, sex education can contribute to the positive self-body image.

There are many reasons as to why sexual health education is important in high school. Helping teenagers understand the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships is important as it can impact one’s life over time. In addition, sexual health education teaches life skills that teens will not learn anywhere else. Some of these skills include but are not limited to valuing their bodies, encouraging students to make a choice and understand consequences that come from being sexually active, and understanding how prevention can help them avoid diseases, pregnancy, and other infections.

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4 years ago

Teens may find it uncomfortable to talk about sex especially in the presence of their peers and an adult (the health teacher) but in the long run, what they’ll get are all accurate information. Some think that this will encourage teens to engage in sexual activities but it will depend on their maturity and character.