Setting Up a Lab within Your Home


Are you a mom scientist, or simply a wannabe scientist who would love a secret lab where you can work in science flow quietly and peacefully without your kids and other family members getting in the way?

Well, it will not be a secret if the lab will be set within your home, family members will have to be aware of its existence because they live in your home. But still, it will really be nice to have your own personal hideaway, where you can practice some good form of science as a hobby or as a profession.

If you are already determined to set up a lab within your home, some useful suggestions are as follows:-

Consider the Basement

If your house has a basement, then that will be the obvious choice for a lab location. You can opt to create a secret door for entering and a false wall to ward off curious people.

If your house lacks a basement, you can build your lab under your house. You can dig through the foundation and create a new basement where you will set up your lab.

Make sure you observe all the engineering protocols when digging out your foundation to create a basement.  Pay close attention to the construction materials you will use, water penetration and drainage.

You definitely don’t want your kids getting worried and concerned when your lab caves in on you or when it starts flooding. Your lab should not only be your great personal space, but it should also be a safe personal space.

An Unused Room

If there is that room in your home where you store junk, and no one uses it, consider it as your lab location.  Get rid of the old stuff stored inside. You can give it away or sell it if it has value.

Just ensure that the room is empty and have it fitted with lab counters and anything else that will get you started.  Make sure the room is located in an area where it is easily accessible, and most of all, ensure that it has a door where you can lock your lab.

You definitely don’t want a scenario whereby your curious kids wander in and see all those cute mice bearing mouse ear tags and confined in cages.

 You definitely don’t want one of your sensitive children setting all your hard-earned mice free in the middle of some crucial research period.

A Secluded Building

If your property is big, you can start building your lab within your property but outside of the house. This will definitely offer you privacy, and it will be convenient since it will allow you to check on the kids at home easily since the house will only be a stone-throw away.

The advantage with this over setting up within the house is that you will build your lab in the manner in which you desire without being limited by location, plumbing system, and power system and so on.

You will set up the plumbing from scratch and similarly do the wiring. If you have the budget for it, then this could be the best option.

The Lab’s Bare Necessities


Shop for all the lab tools and equipment and don’t forget to power up your lab.  Setting up a home science lab is a commitment; the bare necessities have to be met if you want to practice genuine and serious science.

As a mom if you ensure that your kids have all the bare necessities plus extra, consider your new lab as a new kid, that needs caring for.

Lastly remember to stick to the right side of the law throughout the setting up process and when you finally begin carrying out your experiments.

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