4 Fundamental Tips to Prepare Your Child for Ivy League Admissions


It’s a common parent dreams to see their children receive a good education. When it comes to college-level education, no one sets the standard like an Ivy League school. The likes of Harvard and Yale offer prestige to their students like no other.

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However, these colleges are rather selective in their admissions. Harvard, for instance, only has a 5.2% acceptance rate. This means that parents have to start helping their children prepare rather early on.

1. Foster Academic Growth

The first – and perhaps most obvious thing – that parents need to do is encourage and foster academic growth. This is something that must be done from a rather young age. To reach Ivy League standards, academics need to high tier throughout a student’s academic career, especially through high school.

This isn’t just the ability to show off a high GPA either. There are skills that individuals learn over the years that they will need in Ivy League settings.

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Take writing, for example. Adept writing can help students nail admissions essays, SAT scores, and post-acceptance assignments. Writing skills require a lot of creativity, time and practice. In order to make sure your child’s application essay fits the ivy league standards, seeking outside help is a great option.

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Another crucial thing to focus on no matter what specialty or career you child will pursue is intrinsic motivation. Many argue that the best way to do this is through a reward system. This is because students who are forced to do well or be punished for low grades are likely to see academics as a chore rather than a passion. True love for academics will serve an Ivy League student well.

2. Focus On Their Interests

The University of Southern California stated that there are a number of reasons that loving your job will lead to success. This includes bringing passion to even small, everyday tasks, achieving flow while working, and staying positive.

These same principles can be applied to academics. If a child is forced into studying law when they have no interest in it, they are more likely to perform poorly. On the other hand, if a student dreams of being a doctor, they are likely to put their full effort into achieving that goal.

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To help a student get into an Ivy League school and prosper there, it’s important to help them find what they love and help them pursue it. After all, college is a step of education that doesn’t just A’s and maintaining a good GPA like in high school. This is meant to prepare a student for the rest of their life, so it’s best to prepare for something they actually want to do for that long.

3. Allow for Independence

No parent wants to see their child face any struggle or failure. But, if children are sheltered from any and all chance of failure, this can be extremely detrimental. Instead, do your best to teach your child independence and allow them to fail. This will help them grow emotionally. 

When it comes to talking about admissions to colleges with such low acceptance rates, the admissions officers are looking for something special. They want the most passionate, forward-thinking and confident students on their campus.

These are things that can’t be done if someone has no sense of independence. If a student doesn’t know how to assert themselves in a college interview or even how to function as an adult post-acceptance, this can be a huge problem.

4. Encourage Extracurricular Activities

An applicant being able to show off a hundred different extracurricular activities on their application might not be the way to get an edge. Yet, if a student has a few extracurricular activities they’ve been dedicated to, that can be helpful. For example, participating in a foreign language club throughout high school or being dedicated to a certain sport.

The role of hobbies in the development of an individual is hard to overrate. Extracurricular activities develop a sense of commitment and responsibility, as well as allow the children to find lifelong friends.

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Many schools today also want to see that students are altruistic as well. So, if a student can show off volunteer time, this can also be a useful tool. Many suggest encouraging children to do this from a point of genuinely wanting to help out rather than just to say they volunteered.


With these tips, students will be better prepared to enter the competitive world of Ivy League universities. Parents can encourage these traits to better their chances of acceptance and success.

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Elizabeth Hurst
Elizabeth Hurst
5 years ago

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