3 Ways to Make Public Speaking for Kids Easier


Public speaking for kids isn’t something you might think about as a struggle or challenge. But for many kids, speaking up in a public setting can truly be an unsettling experience!

While public speaking is a powerful tool, many children fear their own voices. It’s the responsibility of educators, parents, and other family members to show them that their voice matters.

Whether your child is preparing to deliver a speech or simply in need of some public speaking tips, our guide here has you covered.

Continue reading for 3 ways to make public speaking for kids easier.

1. Make It a Game

If you have a generally quiet kid, you may have picked up on their personality shining through play. Public speaking for kids can be made into a fun game, especially if your child is already shy!

Some games that you can use to practice communication skills with your child include:

Visual Storytime

Using cards, write down different objects, places, and names of people that your children are familiar with.

Then, shuffle the cards into a bowl and have your child choose two cards from the bowl, asking them to create a story connecting their chosen cards.

The Imagination Game

Gather family members or friends in a group and ask everyone to imagine an animal, plant, or toy.

Each person will talk about what they imagined for one minute and include things like color, size, location, etc. This game is great for children who are shy because it gets them using their thinking and communication skills. 

2. Practice Tone, Speed, and Volume

As a parent, you have experience with pop culture – books, movies, TV shows, and things of the like. Essentially, you’ve seen all the different ways that tone, speed, and volume are conveyed. 

By practicing these essential public speaking elements at home, your child is likely to use them in their classroom. 

Promoting oracy in the classroom and at home will greatly benefit your child and help them discover their voice!

3. Use Apps

In the digital age, everything is available to us at the end of a Google search. That’s why public speaking for kids can be made easy through the use of apps!

Here are some great apps you can use with your child to promote their communication skills:

HiveBrain Public Speaking App

The most relatable feature about this app is that the creator considers public speaking as a genuine, legit fear.

Commonly used by students in their classrooms, HiveBrain incorporates meditative techniques to calm public speakers down. This app is great for targeting anxiety in students!

Pro Metronome

If your child struggles with finding the right words and pace for their presentations in class, this app is the one for them. Pro Metronome was created with pacing in mind. 

The best part? It’s for everyone – musicians, public speakers, and even students who are required to give those presentations on something interesting they’ve learned in class.

Public Speaking for Kids

Childhood shyness has the potential to flourish into socialization and peer relationships with your help. Be supportive, encouraging, and compassionate when helping your child become less shy.

Public speaking for kids can feel daunting, whether you’re the kid or the parent. With these three methods to help your child discover their voice and deliver a speech, you’re on the right track!

Remember to make it fun, practice elements of public speaking, and use the technology available to you. 

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Practising is the best exercise to do if you want to excel in public speaking.

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