What To Look For When Choosing The Best Baby Formula For Your Little One


While it is true that all baby formula has to meet certain government implemented standards, that doesn’t mean that they are all equal. The best baby formula will do more than just the bare minimum and will be formulated to give your baby a big advantage for development. Nutrition is such an integral part of growing and developing that you need to be very careful with the baby formula you give to your own baby. They will all certainly give your child the basics of what they need, but why would you stop there?

When it comes to a baby, most parents would do just about anything to help them get ahead in life. There are so many factors that will affect the person they turn into, you want to be able to have control of at least some of them. Nutrition is so essential that as a concerned parent you must educate yourself on what is best for your own child. Don’t be fooled by flashy packaging or outrageous claims, know what you are looking for and buy appropriately.

Keep reading for some great information on what you should be looking for the next time you are shopping for baby formula.

Look At The Milk Type

The first thing you need to decide when it comes to the baby formula is the type of milk that is used as the base. Unless you have been told by a paediatrician to use something different, you always want to start your little one on cow’s milk-based formulas. Cow’s milk is the closest you can get, with nutritional value, to human breast milk. There are alternatives available, with the most common being soy, but you only want to choose them if cow’s milk is not taking properly.

If you notice your baby is getting extra gassy or fussy after eating it could be cow’s milk that is causing it. Some babies will also start developing rashes as a side-effect, and at this point, it is time to talk to the doctor. While cow’s milk isn’t going to be right for every single baby, the majority will benefit from it.

Don’t Buy Names You Don’t Know

There is a reason you see so many inexpensive ‘alternative’ brands for everyday items anywhere you shop. People absolutely love to get a deal on products that they purchase a lot. While these no-name brands still have regulations they must meet, they are more apt to go for the bare minimum to keep their costs lower. 

For an adult buying an off-brand package of cookies it really wouldn’t matter that much, but for your little one, the brand will be more important. If you are paying a higher price for a well-known brand of formula you can rest assured that their formulas go above and beyond the minimum regulations.

Look For Added Extras

This is one food-based product you want to look for extra ingredients in. The basic formula regulations are just that; basic. If you really want your baby to get a jump start on their development it is essential to get them all the extra nutrients they require. You can get formulas with added proteins, iron, calcium, and much more depending on exactly what your baby requires. 

Money Well Spent

You can probably tell that the best baby formulas will lean towards the more expensive side. There is nothing inherently wrong with any of the formulas on the market, as they are all regulated. Yet, if you want to give your child the extra boost they need it is well worth it to read the labels and spend extra on the brand names you know and trust.

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