2022’s Shopping Trends for Women


The sun’s out, and we are ready to show some skin and our curves by wearing the trendiest fashions. The runways at London Fashion Week for Spring-Summer 2022 have provided plenty of inspiration on what to wear and how to style the latest sustainable designs so that we look fashionable and feel comfortable.

If you have been setting your eyes on the comeback of nostalgic styles, you will be glad to know that designers of this year’s warm weather fashion were inspired by the 1970s, 1990s, and Y2K’s throwbacks. Avid fashion designers and major brands have re-imagined our beloved silhouettes, cuts, and designs. They provide us with fresh ways to wear and style throwback favorites like camo pants for women with white tank tops, dresses over pants, and pedal pushers.

Shopping for trendy women’s clothing can be daunting, and we cannot simply rely on paparazzi snaps of our favorite celebrities or what the models are wearing on the runways to tell us what’s in for the season. Many Instagram influencers, cool stars, and everyday trendsetters play as much role in influencing and setting a stylistic tone for the year in fashion.

We’ve got you covered when it comes to what you should be shopping for this year. We have researched street styling to determine the current picture-perfect fashion trends. Keep reading for a breakdown of the prominent shopping trends for women, straight from the streets, celebrities, and runways, and tips on how to style these looks.

The Era of Graphic Stripes

Optical pieces are making a comeback as designers add beautiful stripes to their Spring and Summer designs. Black-and-white stripes from major brands help give neutral tones a new lease of life. These graphic stripes look and feel strikingly superb on dresses, flare pants, tops, cardigans, gowns, and even t-shirts.

Getting ready for any occasion is a cinch with hot and trendy graphic striped clothing items. Pair them with even bolder accessories and knitted pieces, such as colorful leggings, white cable-knit cardigans, or matching tops for a revitalizing and mesmerizing look. You can even accentuate it with colorful pink hair clips or bright red pumps. 

As for pairing with optical stripes, neutral is good, but colorful is better. For instance, wearing a striped mini dress with a green floral short-sleeved blouse is the way to go if you want to look casually stylish without spending too much time on your outfit. Accessorize your ensemble with a black & white bracelet and a green leather tote bag.

Consider teaming a horizontal-striped midi-dress with a black knit tank for an even more casually cool outfit. The two pieces go perfectly well together. With the addition of a black leather necklace, a black leather crossbody bag, and a pair of black leather flat sandals, you will look drop-dead gorgeous.

Camo Pants for Women

Camo has become an integral print in a woman’s wardrobe for any season, whether for spring, summer, fall, or even winter. And with good reason, camo looks excellent in just about any style of bottoms, but cargo pants, in particular, are all the rage this year.

Camo pants may not seem universally flattering, but the combat style is incredibly chic and easy to wear in the right combinations. They usually come in classic dark green, although colorful hues and pastel colors are making some headway. 

When styling cargo pants, it pays to focus your attention on their weight and bulkiness. Loose-fitting pieces like cargo pants pair best with minimalistic items like simple tank tops. For example, a pair of camo cargo pants and a gray cropped top is an effortless yet chic combo that is easy to pull off. Consider wearing a black open cardigan over the top and a pair of black leather low-top sneakers for added comfort and practicality and to help you show off your incredible fashion sense.

As for other styles of camo pants, especially lighter ones, let the texture do all the talking. Go for a simple tee and camo pants to create a casual outfit with a modern twist. Add a pair of brown leather sandals or heels to your ensemble, and you’re set for whatever the day or night brings.

If the weather calls for some layering, the combo of camo pants and any military-style jacket will deliver the utility, comfort, and warmth you crave. Wear a gray crew neck sweater under the jacket for added warmth, plus a black scarf and a cap if it’s chilly outside. Don’t forget to introduce a warm pair of boots to the mix and finish your ensemble with a leather tote bag in your favorite color.

Popcorn-textured Clothing

Let’s get one thing straight, microtextures and bubbly knitwear are not for everyone. You may find them incredibly flattering, but they will turn others off. So, if you are into micro-textured clothing, you are in for a special treat this spring and summer season, as multiple brands and new-guard designers have released a variety of popcorn-textured fashion. 

In the early aughts, designers reserved popcorn textures for tanks and t-shirts; this time around, the bubbly trend is finding its way to other clothing items like miniskirts, dresses, shirts, and even gloves. Popcorn-textured bodycon, mini-dresses, mix print midi dresses, viscose skirts, textured woven tops, satin-trimmed textured shirts, and cotton skirts are the most popular pieces you can shop for right now. And they are all part of the ongoing Y2K fashion revival. 

Popcorn-textured pieces are sure to look chic on you with the right items, thanks to their delicate patterns and pastel colors. However, most pieces are somewhat voluminous to deliver the most impact with minimal styling. Let the texture of your clothing guide your styling by wearing a mini popcorn dress is a playful way to introduce texture into your styling routine.

Really Short Miniskirts

The miniskirt isn’t going anywhere. It’s here to stay and is now shorter and sexier than ever. Think short, I mean really short. Miniskirts from well-known apparel brands ruled the roost last year, but many boutique brands also introduced exciting pieces.

You will definitely be spoiled by all the choices available, like sleek minis with sexy slits, sequin-embellished pieces, leather minis with pin details, satin styles, and short miniskirts with faux fur. All that you have to do is find inspiration on how to style and accessorize your chic miniskirt.

If you are looking for a casual yet classy outfit, pair a mini skirt and a pink cape coat with a white crew-neck sweater. Introduce a pink leather tote bag and a pair of pastel-colored over-the-knee boots to the ensemble for an added sophisticated look.

Platform Shoes

A quick look at the current shoe market, and you’ll notice that almost every designer and brand have crafted its version of fashionable platform shoes, whether they be thick boots, sneakers, clogs, loafers, or even sandals. These extra-tall tilts are versatile, making them great for spring and summer.

You can only wear other shoe types with certain pieces of clothing, but platforms pair with practically anything. You can pair platform loafers with everything, from ripped skinny jeans and flared pants to midi-skirts and mini-dresses.

For instance, navy ripped skinny jeans and fur coats have cemented their place as wardrobe staples. To elevate your outfit’s sophistication and comfort level, you can introduce a pair of platform loafers to the ensemble.

Printed or Patterned Matching Sets

If you are always on the go, matching sets can indeed be a lifesaver when putting together last-minute outfits. Sets are simple, easy, and quick to throw in a suitcase for practically any occasion. The last few years were all about matching sweats, then came the tie-dye set, but you will see plenty of patterned skirt and pant sets this year. They are also an excellent gift idea for all occasions, from Mother’s Day and wedding anniversaries to holidays and birthdays.


With retro styles, 2022 is setting up to be one of the most fashionable years yet. Aside from camo pants for women, matching sets, platform shoes, and popcorn textures, you can also shop for floral prints that accentuate hip bones. You can expect color-block jackets, latticed knitwear, and feather details to make a significant comeback as well.

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