Pick the Right Kicks: Best Sneaker Trends for 2022


Are you still wearing last year’s kicks? It’s time to update your sneaker collection.

Recent years have brought on a slew of new and exciting sneaker trends, and 2022 is no different. For sneakerheads that want the freshest picks and newest kicks, you’re sure to find at least one trend to obsess over.

Read on to learn about this year’s sneaker trends and what styles to look for.

Retro Runners

Sneakers in 2022 may look a lot like sneakers in 1972.

Retro-inspired sneakers are having a moment, with several top brands bringing back ’70s shoe styles. You can spot this trend by its rounded toes, simple lines, and rich bowling shoe-like colorways.

This trend is perfect for those looking for a break from contemporary, over-the-top sneakers.

The shoes of the ’70s tended to be more practical and comfortable, forgoing maximalist details and materials. You may find velcro, roomy fits, and traditional leather and canvas uppers. If that sounds like just what you need, hop on the retro sneaker trend.

White on White

One of the biggest shoe trends in recent years continues in 2022: white sneakers. To truly tap into this trend, go for sneakers that are all white, without even a single drop of color.

White shoes are easy to wear with almost anything, anywhere. They work in all seasons and can easily fit into any wardrobe aesthetic.

Dressed up, dressed down, in high tops or low tops, white sneakers are a staple in 2022—and likely for many more years to come.

Old-School Comebacks

Aside from retro 1970s sneakers, you can find a range of other old-school sneakers hitting store shelves in 2022. But many of these nostalgic styles now come with a twist.

Nike is one brand that does this well. Their Foamposites for sale in 2022 have the same comfy sole and high top shape they did when they debuted in 1997, but now they come in a variety of styles including abstract prints and floral designs.

If you want to update your tried-and-true favorites, look for fresh takes on old-school sneakers.

Flexible Knits

If a knitted cardigan is a cozy mainstay, why not embrace that same knit style on your feet? Sock sneakers and other fabric-y shoes have been popular in the last few years, and you’ll continue to see new iterations of this trend in 2022.

One style that’s worth trying is opting for knitted sneakers that are functional. Knits can help regulate foot temperature and wick away moisture while offering breathability.

Look for knitted sneakers that are flexible and comfortable to walk in. Your best bets are wool and other natural fibers.

The Bold and the Beautiful

One big trend this year is the bold and bright sneaker. These sneakers make a statement, with rich blocks of color and electric hues.

Bold shoes are a major departure from simpler trends like white sneakers. And they’re not for everyone; wearing this year’s boldest sneakers means attracting a lot of attention to your outfit.

Still, bright shoes in a variety of contrasting, clashing colors can be a fun way to mix up your look. If you’re the type of person to stick to basic outfits, give your style a jolt of energy with these shoes.

New Heights

Shorties, rejoice! You’re no longer limited to high heels to add height to your stature. Platform sneakers are a comfy way to pump up your height by a few inches.

Nearly every style of sneaker has gotten the platform treatment, from classic basketball shoes to basic canvas slip-ons. Take your pick of your favorite sneaker styles—they probably have a platform version available.

For some, platform sneakers might bring back memories of late ’90s pop stars like the Spice Girls. Arguably, that’s part of what makes this trend work so well in 2022. As Gen Z-ers spearhead the current ’90s revival fashion, platform shoes fit right in.

Functional Fashion

For sneaker lovers who couldn’t care less about poppy colors or thick platform soles, this year’s functional sneaker trend may be right up your alley.

Functional sneakers come with a purpose. They’re meant to be worn and weathered. They often have a sporty look and utilitarian features and materials.

Grab a pair of hiking sneakers to go mountain climbing, or try the latest running shoes to prevent strains and sprains.

And when you’re ready for a rest day, these shoes still look and feel great for running errands or hanging with friends.

Vegan and Eco-Friendly

Vegan and eco-friendly fashion is one of the top style trends taking over footwear. And if you ask Mother Earth, it’s a trend that should be made permanent.

Fashion garments including sneakers are one of the biggest contributors to pollution and landfill waste. Choosing sneakers that are gentler on the planet can have a positive impact.

Vegan sneakers are often eco-friendly, with the added benefit of skipping animal products. Animal lovers can rest easy knowing their new kicks didn’t cost an animal its life.

There are countless ways to embrace this trend, including:

  • choosing vegan leather over real leather
  • buying sneakers made of recycled materials
  • supporting sneaker brands that use sustainable practices
  • buying sneakers that are biodegradable or recyclable

Some of 2022’s up-and-coming sneaker brands are vegan and/or eco-friendly, while many already-established brands also have their own green shoe options.

Try These Sneaker Trends in 2022

If your sneaker collection is looking a bit stale, shake things up with the latest sneaker trends.

From the classic to the bold, there are plenty of fresh sneaker styles to try. Keep these trends in mind when scouring stores for your next pair of kicks.

For more on shopping and style, check out our latest blog posts!

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