The Top 3 Websites to Add to Your Favorites List This Holiday Season


The holiday season is fast approaching, which means it is time to prepare for some serious bargain hunting, so your pockets don’t run dry during gift shopping. There are tons of deal sites, but not all are as useful as they claim when the time comes for hunting discounts for items on your shopping list.

We will take you through the top 3 websites to add to your favorites list this holiday season.

  1. Slickdeals

Slickdeals is very popular among bargain hunters. Many bargain seekers have Slickdeals as their browser homepage. Yes, it’s that popular. Bargain hunters never want to miss a single deal that would be of interest, and they want to be up-to-date with new, breaking and expiring deals at all times.

Slickdeals is predominantly community driven, with members submitting sales and coupon codes available to retailers around the web for seeing and perhaps take advantage of, and it isn’t limited to electronics and technology. Vacation and travel packages, local deals at close-by shops and apparel, it’s all there. Alternatively, you can dash right to your favored online retailer and have a look at what they have on offer before clicking on the purchase button.

The forums are engaging and lively, and deals go on perpetually.

  1. DontPayFull

On DontPayFull you get free promo codes and online coupons for your favorite stores such as Amazon, eBay, Target, Walmart, you name it. On the DontPayFull homepage, you get to view daily big, active and expiring deals and coupons. What’s more? You get to see verified deals to help you sieve through deals that would turn out to be a waste of your time.

DontPayFull avail deals in many areas including; software, travel, home and garden, electronics, clothing, business and services, beauty, accessories and lots more.

DontPayfull is also keen on educating shoppers by dedicating a blog section on their site on money saving tips in various categories such as health, family, food, fashion, finance and DIY projects.

  1. Woot

Wood opened as a daily deals site, and since it was acquired by Amazon in 2010. Since then it has grown its operations to not just daily technology offers, but deals on kids toys and clothing, home electronics, independently designed apparel and t-shirts, wines and much more. Woot has also introduced Deals.Woot, a community-driven site filled with bargains on just about any item you can discern, from computer accessories to lingerie, all given a thumbs up or thumbs down by the community, thereby you will only get to view deals that save you money.

Other Woot websites also go out of their way by offering more than one deal every day, with most offering splendid bargains and super-discounts for limited durations, particularly their replicated and recurrent discounts on Gunnar glasses.  

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