10 Thoughtful Gifts For 7 Year Old Girls


Finding high-quality toys as gifts for 7-year old girls could be pretty tough, considering the myriad of choices in the market these days. Mindless stimulation isn’t the only goal of some toys. Having them around enables kids to improve their skills, learn new things, and spend time with friends and family. You can give your daughter an exciting book, an innovative game, or a silly toy to help cultivate and nurture her skills. 

Age-appropriate Gifts

Children at this age appreciate gifts that can entertain them and challenge them academically. These thoughtful gifts for 7 year old girls could help you find the best gifts and toys for them. Being a child today has never been more fun since there are so many diverse toys to play with. Here are some of them:

  1. Light-Up Tracing Pad 

The ultra-sleek pad includes fashion show images for little artists to trace. Additionally, you can download several free, printable templates online. Several colored pencils, blank paper, and a graphite pencil are also included with the kit. This pad is neat since it lights up at night, giving her proper lighting as she draws. 

  1. Sewing Kit

Sewing interest has been on the rise ever since the pandemic caused a flurry of orders from stay-at-home moms. Your baby girl can find everything she needs with this kit, including instruction for running stitch, cross-stitch, and other kinds of stitches. She can also learn decorating with embroidery. This could be a stepping stone for her so she can be ready when you finally start teaching her to sew real clothes and stuff.

  1. Good Night Stories 

Give your girl a book including different inspiring stories of women from all over the world she’ll never get sick of. Just before she goes to sleep or during her free time, read her encouraging and motivating stories. The beautiful, full-colored photographs accompanying each level could be one of the book’s standout features. 

  1. Hair Chalk Set 

It’s a quick way to make a new hairdo fun for girls since it’s temporary. There are several collections available of hair chalks in both metallic and bright shades. A single pen can be used up to 80 times, and you can use them as face paint and wash them easily for even more creativity.

  1. LEGO Starter Course 

The LEGO digital set takes building blocks to a whole new level. She’ll be able to use different cartoon characters through the LEGO bricks to obtain virtual coins and points while completing challenges. She can check the screen and hear what the characters are up to at any time while playing. 

  1. Moon Lamp 

With the design printed to look like the moon’s surface, this lamp will impress your future astrophysicist daughter. You can buy it in different sizes with various lighting colors, which could experiment within her room, and it’ll look astonishing during the night. 

  1. Smartwatch For Kids

Smartwatch for children is a perfect gift for 7-year-olds, which comes with plenty of specs. These popular kids’ smartwatches include a calendar, calculator, and camera capable of taking both photos and video. This app also consists of various games and activities to keep kids busy on the go. There’s no need for lengthy setting up or software download with this watch. 

  1. Bike 

A 20-inch-high bike with a lightweight steel frame would be ideal for riders between four and five feet tall. Fast-start gearing lets them pedal more quickly while reducing the speed on a bike, which has kid-friendly safety features. Choose from the best kids’ bike list and get your girl start on her 2-wheels.

  1. Sparkly And Glittery Backpack 

7-year-old sparkle lovers will be itching to go back to school with this sequined backpack. A simple hand’s swipe can reverse the backpack’s-colored feature. There’s lots of room inside to store stuff for school, weekend trips, and sleepovers. 

  1. Unicorn Slime Set 

Your daughter could create a rainbow slime cake with this unicorn slime kit. She can even mix her scents and add decorative things like glitter and beads. The slime includes different combinations, allowing girls to create their customized slime design. 


Although 7-year-old girls can differentiate already between play and reality, their imagination still runs wild when amusing themselves and others. With a gift providing fun, hands-on activity to do, and a creative outlet to bring her ideas to life, she can explore her imagination to the fullest. Consider these thoughtful gifts and see how you can make her happy and excited.

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