Best Gifts for Your Young Adult Kids


Whether your kids are preparing to go to college, struggling through their exams, or thinking of leaving home, young adults are notoriously difficult to buy gifts for. Without the certainty of the newest toy to buy for them, buying gifts can seem impossible, especially if your young adult has their own income or lives away from home. If you are struggling to think of a present that will be appreciated, look no further than this handy list.

Kitchen Appliances

  • Young adults heading off to college are known for being unwilling to cook for themselves, especially if they are living in non-catered accommodation. If you are worried that your child may be looking to survive on cereal and toast, you should consider investing in appliances such as four-in-one sandwich or toastie makers. With these, your child will be sure to add a little more variety to their diet.
  • If your young adult will be leaving home in the near future, you may also want to give them a housewarming gift for their new house that has a practical use. If this is the case, items such as dishwashers will ensure that your child can keep on top of the cleaning easily and ensure that cleanliness is not so much of an issue as you might imagine. Goedeker’s dishwashers are modern alternatives to doing the dishes by hand, ensuring that they use less water than hand washing and that they have plenty of space to store their dishes when washing them.


  • If your child is struggling with many aspects of their school or college work, then you might consider investing in practical gifts such as MCAT tutoring for your child. MCAT Tutors can help your child to increase their scores and make them feel proud of their achievements. Not only this, but tutoring can also help to reduce the stress and pressure felt by young adults during the exam period, which can make an excellent gift for your worried child.

The Latest Gadgets

  • In our technology-centric world, the latest gadgets are a sure-fire way to make it into your loved one’s heart. If they are preparing for exams or heading off to college, you should consider investing in a high-grade student laptop for them that can help them to combat the rigors and stress of college life. This can help them to get the best head start possible when it comes to elements such as research and essay writing- and gives them not to get in touch with communication apps!
  • If you are worried your young adult may not be getting quite as much exercise as they should when they go to college, then you might consider investing in a fitness and exercise tracking device for them. These devices attach to your wrist and allow you to track your exercise over the day, allowing you to set goals and alarms that prompt you to exercise and ensure that you fulfill your personal goals when it comes to exercise.

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