Best Gifts for Kids Who Love Magic and Rainbows


Thinking of creative gifts for kids can be a challenge with the endless options out there. It might feel like your child has it all, and you find yourself reaching for another gift card. If this happens to be the case, stop! There is more out there! If you have a little prince or princess constantly wrapped up in the world of magic and rainbows, we have the perfect list of gifts for you. Check out this guide and then get shopping!

Magical Creatures

You can never go wrong with Unicorn Gifts or other magical creatures. The allure of a sparkling unicorn or enchanting mermaid takes shape in a number of merchandise items, from fun slippers to beautiful jewelry.

This type of gift can be unique because of the number of niche specialty stores out there. Don’t just settle for local department store items – instead dig a little deeper and find those hidden treasures in local businesses like the one linked above. These gifts are often more special because they will be harder to find and ensure you are giving a one-of-a-kind gift. 

Fun Clothing 

This one goes along with magical creatures but often depends on what type of magical mischief your child enjoys the most. There are several fun clothing options out there that capture the joy of magic and rainbows. For example, a mermaid tail blanket will have your child longing for the ocean, and a flowing cape will have them ready to fly away to wizarding school. If your child is a little lower key, you can always opt for a fun pair of socks or unicorn filled pajamas.

Painting Set 

While this gift can get a little messy, it helps your child channel that imagination. Their imagination is why they love magic and rainbows, after all! A paint set encourages them to paint and create what is in their minds. They can paint out mermaids, rainbows, unicorns, or magic to express their heart’s content! Not to mention, with this idea, you’re bound to have plenty of refrigerator art. 

Room Décor 

Help your child be surrounded by magic and rainbows with a little redecorating. With some imagination, their space can be turned into a magical escape. Room décor includes everything from new bedding to fun wall décor or throw pillows. This gift is always a good idea because it tends to last a while and helps spark their imagination every time they are in their rooms. 

Fantasy Books 

There is a whole genre of books geared towards a child’s imagination and sense of wonder. Tap into that and find books centered around the magical creatures or other magical elements your child loves.

A book is a chance to imagine what a world might be like using only the words on a page. If your child loves magic and rainbows, chances are they have the imagination to paint this world through words. Plus, it encourages them to read and build those skills for the future. 

Experiences and Memories 

This last one is a gift to both of you because it involves spending time together. A wonderful gift is found in sharing experiences and forming memories. This can be done in several ways, including a trip to a magical theme park or a princess makeover day. It can also be as simple as going to see the new film centered on their favorite magical character. No matter how you spin it, the most important part is spending time together. 

Final Thoughts

Unicorns, magic, and rainbows make the best gifts, so do not feel like you are limited in your options! Just use some of that magical creativity your child has, and you will come up with the best idea! 

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This comprehensive list is great but there should me some disney characters like barbie etc. That will complete the list and make it more appealing. And when it comes to magic how you forget harry potter? do include something related to magic.