10 Great Action Sports Rad Dads Can Look Into For Their Free Time


They say you are supposed to slow down the older you get, but what happens when you have a lot of free time on your hands or you just desperately need to unwind?

The rules for rad dads are different from that of ‘average Joes’. While most men in their 40s and 50s are happy playing golf on weekends, we hit the slopes, the reefs and the Rockies for some adrenaline pumping adventure.

Below is a list of some of the best hobbies for men looking to crank up the excitement and do something more meaningful with their holidays.

1.   Surfing

Let’s dive right into the deep end. Surfing is not for the faint of heart – it takes skill, dedication and watching a lot of YouTube videos. A growing trend has found dads picking up surfing because of their children. As the kids learn to surf, dads get in on the action, making it a great bonding experience.

2.   Mountain biking

The popularity of mountain biking has increased rapidly over the past few years. Not only is biking one of the best activities for the heart, but it also doesn’t require any intense training. Mountain biking is an easy hobby to pick up and its popularity with men in their 30s and 40s is on a steady increase.

3.   Scuba diving

Scuba diving is a great family sport, which brings something unique to the regular vacation schedule. Being able to explore the deep blue and discover hidden underwater gems is an experience you would want to repeat often.

4.   Kite surfing

For those intimidated by surfing or just looking for a less common alternative, kite surfing could provide just the thrill you are looking for. Getting a hang of kite surfing is a lot easier than it looks. Of the sports listed here, this one probably requires the most equipment.

You will need:

  • A kite, hence the name
  • A good quality board
  • A harness to attach yourself to the kite
  • A Power Bar, which controls the kite
  • Bindings to attach you to the board

5.   Snowboarding

From the ocean to the mountains, specifically the snow-covered mountains, or the indoor ski in Dubai. Whichever one you use will suffice, but I’m guessing you would prefer to go the natural route. Before you get grand ideas of doing 360-degree flips in the air, maybe start slow if this would be your first time. This is a fun sport, but you can get seriously hurt if you don’t listen to your instructors.

6.   Martial arts

Speaking about getting hurt, this is likely to happen even when you listen to your instructors! Martial arts has grown in popularity over the years as a means not just of self-defense, but also self-discipline and self-mastery. You will learn quickly that it is not about hurting people, but rather about pushing your body to the limit, staying healthy and staying in control of situations. If you happen to have teenage daughters, you might want to enroll them to help keep your mind at ease…

7.   Marksmanship/Archery

Now, here is a sport with multiple applications. If you have dreams of participating in the Olympics, want to go hunting or maybe just scare badgers away from your trash, this is the right one for you. You can either use guns or go medieval with bows and arrows. Either way, you will have a fun time hitting distant targets and enjoying the great outdoors. Start training them young, see our top picks for the best youth crossbows.

8.   Rock climbing

It does not get more outdoorsy than rock climbing. This is for really tough rad dads that love conquering new heights, going to extremes and doing what very few people have the guts to do. If you think that’s insane, then maybe settle for the climbing wall in your local gym.

9.   Kayaking

If you would rather go around mountains than over them, you can try kayaking instead. Kayaking is one of the best hobbies for men that love watersports and want something challenging. After all, competing against mere mortals is nothing compared to going against nature; dodging rocks and fighting currents.

10. Paintballing

Okay, so paintballing is technically not a sport. It is more of an excuse to get out of the house, pretend to be an army ranger and shoot loads of people for fun. Though paintballing is favored by younger generations, there is nothing stopping dads from getting in on the action and teaching the young ones a lesson or two in patience, dedication, and stealth.

Over to you

It isn’t easy being a dad, but it is great getting to spend time with your children at a picnic, on a mountain cliff or in a ravine. All of these sports are great for families, but more than that, are great hobbies for men not ready to give in to old age.

And don’t forget, there is nothing stopping you from picking up several of these as your hobby, so don’t feel the need to limit yourself to just one.

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