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Boston, Massachusetts is a city full of historical landmarks as well as many other sites that attract visitors from all over the country. Hotels in Boston can be a bit expensive if they are in the center of the city or during a special event such as St. Patrick’s Day or a Red Sox game.

The Season Matters

Boston is cold in the winter. The temperature is about 20 degrees and there are cold winds from the water and sometimes snow. The good news is this means the hotel rates are very low, and many of the top attractions are indoors. You can stay at a top luxury hotel for a much reduced rate between January and March. Some places are closed during this time, but you can check online to make sure what you want to see is open. Be sure to bring warm clothing.

The other times of the year that the hotel rates are lower are August and late summer as well as November and December. The rates are lower during the week than on weekends by sometimes up to $100.

It is also recommended to avoid visiting the city during the graduation season in May. With more 60 major universities in Boston, the hotels are booked well in advance.

Other Possibilities

Boston has many vacation rentals available as well as hostels. Vacation rentals have many advantages over hotels especially for families or groups. In Boston, the vacation rentals are actually homes with fully equipped kitchens laundry facilities, free Wi-Fi and several bedrooms. Your vacation budget goes farther when you don’t have to pay for meals in restaurants. Children also like it better when they get the food they like, which isn’t always possible in restaurants. These rentals are substantially cheaper than hotel rooms and range from private homes, apartments and single rooms in the home of a local.

Hostels have private and shared rooms, and sometimes guests need to share a bathroom. They usually provide free Wi-Fi and laundry facilities. There are also dorms for male only, female only or co-ed dorms. You need to specify what type of accommodation you want when you are booking.

What to See and How to See It

The Boston Freedom Trail is a 2.5 mile trail through the city that passes most of the significant historical sites. Walking the trail is free as is entrance to most of the historical sites.

The oldest park in the United States is the Boston Common. It is one stop on the Freedom Trail and is a beautiful park with several memorials and the graves of Revolutionary War soldiers.

You can take a free tour of the USS Constitution, the oldest commissioned naval vessel that is still afloat in the world. It was launched in 1797.

Visit the Harvard campus and the John Fitzgerald Kennedy National Historic Site by taking the subway. The Boston Subway or the T as it is called is the cheapest and easiest way to visit sites outside the main downtown area, and don’t forget the Samuel Adams Brewery for a free tour of the brewery and taste of the famous beer.

When you have access to online travel sites, it’s not difficult to visit exciting major cities such as Boston on a small vacation budget. To get even more discounts, visit during the off-season.

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