The Big Guy’s Guide to Shopping for a Bike on a budget


Most people know that the best way to lose weight is by having a proper diet and exercising. However, most exercise machines on the market are ideal for smaller individuals. The same applies to bikes. The simple structure of most bikes makes them unusable by big guys. Luckily, big guys can still enjoy the riding experience like everyone else. Some bikes have additional configurations that allow them to hold much weight. For example, regular bikes have less than 24 spokes, while bikes that can support tremendous weights have more spokes. Here is a big guy’s guide to shopping for a bike on a budget.


  • Type of Riding. Every bike is designed for a particular riding style. As such, the first thing you need to do is to determine what kind of riding you want to do. Maybe you want to hit the road in a group, or you want a transportation bike. You can also decide whether you wish to use the bike for exercise or you want to ride with your children. Assessing what you want will set you in the right direction.



  • Where to buy from. Knowing the type of cycling you want will narrow down your purchase points. If you are going to become a regular cyclist, then you need to visit a specialist bike store. You can also check online for retailers who deal in the best bikes for big guys. When on a budget, consider visiting a general sporting goods shop, or look for a second-hand bike.



  • Budget. When looking for a bike, you must set a budget. Determining the amount of money you want to spend will guide you on the type of bike to buy and the stores to visit. A specialist bike will cost you around $600 or more, but a more budget option will cost you about $137. Do not forget to consider other parts and accessories that you may need.



  • Size Up. As a heavy-rider, you must find the right bike size. Since there are several types of bikes on the market, you should avoid guessing. Any incorrect size can be uncomfortable to ride or even unsafe for you. Determining the right bike size requires experience. Local bike stores can help you to determine the best size for you. Once you have your bike, ensure that they fit and adjust it correctly. Make sure you take a test ride to ensure that you are comfortable.



  • Parts and Accessories. Once you have your bike, you can consider adding some accessories. Often, new bikes come with only the parts that are required to ride it and nothing more. You have to decide whether you want to add any parts or accessories to your new bike. Some common parts include holders for water bottles, different saddle, or pedals. You can also decide to buy some bike shorts to improve your cycling experience.


With this guide, you are now ready to go shopping for your bike. 


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4 years ago

truly worth read especially for bike fascinating people 🙂