PraxxisPro Staplers



A stapler? Who cares about a stupid stapler? Me. I do! I love my new stapler! 


It’s cute, it looks good on my desk, it is fun to use. Even the staples are cute.



Without staples, life is chaos. But that huge, unsightly beige stapler that always pops open when I pick it up anyway was always lost in the back of the pen drawer. But who cares, it’s a stapler, right? That’s what I thought, until I saw the svelte and curvy little orange stapler on the desk at my sister-in-laws house when we went to visit over the Thanksgiving holiday. Well, she wouldn’t give it to me, no matter how many subtle hints I dropped-(“Can I have your stapler?”) so I had to look for it on Amazon.


PraxxisPro, 5 different styles, tons of colors, lifetime warranty. I picked the one in the picture (they call it the Ionic) because, well, first it’s RED. But beyond that it can staple 25 sheets of paper, it has grippy surfaces so it doesn’t slip out of my hand when I use it, and best of all is the cute little staple remover that is built into the back of it…I love it because it works really well and it came with RED staples!! After I got it I went back and ordered a set of mini-staplers for my kids, a bright green one for my friend, and a sleek silver one for my husband. I also got free shipping since they are Amazon Prime eligible! 



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