The Best Team Sports for Kids


Playing team sports can have many benefits. They are a great way to help your kids get exercise, improve coordination, and learn the importance of teamwork. Sometimes teams will lose and knowing how to handle losing is an important life lesson for kids to learn. As with any sports, there are always risks to playing, but keeping these risks in mind and wearing the correct clothing and protection can help protect your kids and avoid injuries.


Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world and more and more kids in the U.S. are learning to play. Soccer is a great form of exercise for kids, getting the heart pumping and promoting teamwork, with kids figuring out pretty quickly they must work together to score.  Soccer is a relatively safe sport for kids but injuries can occur, protect your kids by buying shin guards and the correct footwear.


Teamwork is a core value of a cheerleading squad. If one person is off, it is very apparent. The sport is similar to gymnastics in many ways and cheerleaders must be strong, limber, and nimble.  


Football is considered by many to be the most beloved sport in America. Each member of the team has a critical role to play and the only way to win is to work together. As football is a contact sport, it can lead to injuries. Some of the risks of playing are leg injuries and concussions. Sport Chalet has some great protective gear for kids.


Basketball players are always on the move and playing the game is great for cardiovascular health. It also helps build hand eye coordination. Another benefit to playing is it does not require expensive equipment.


Volleyball is a fast paced game and players must react quickly react in order to be successful. When you play at the net, you typically need to jump to score and ankle injuries can happen if you don’t land correctly. Diving to get a ball is also part of the game and learning how to do it well if one of the key ways to avoid getting hurt. Many retailers sell protective volleyball gear including Worldwide Sport Supply and Sports Authority.


Playing hockey is great exercise and the sport builds strength and stamina. Speed is essential and being able to skate faster than other players is critical if you want to score. As with many of these sports, protect your kids by ensuring they have the correct safety gear.


Baseball teaches patience and concentration because a lot of time is spent standing around. It is considered by many to be a relatively safe sport, particularly when kids are young.

These seven examples are all good team sports for kids. Learning to play can help them develop important skills that will last a lifetime.

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8 years ago

what a great article! exceptionally well-written.