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MIT Engineers Reinventing the Skincare Industry


Today’s beauty brands have created unrealistic standards about what women should do for themselves, from spending hundreds of dollars on serums to taking on a thirty-minute nighttime face routine. One company has stepped up to crack down on unrealistic marketing in the skincare world- the small beauty startup, Maelove Skincare. Their mission is to provide elite skincare for all women.

Maelove was founded by a team of MIT engineers and skincare obsessives who are known for their precision in creating the most effective formulas available. CEO Jackie Kim describes her experience as a former product junkie: “I’ve tried it all – rare ingredients from Asia that cost $400 for a .5oz jar, to trying the 10-step skincare system (I was doing 16 products each morning and night at one point). Each one I tried promised me the world, but each one was always a disappointment when it didn’t live up to the hype.” Maelove wants to combat the crazy buying cycle that surrounds the beauty industry.

MIT Engineers Reinventing the Skincare Industry

Jackie Kim, CEO

Ms. Kim and her team weren’t looking for a quick fix; in fact, it took them three years of research and development to find the perfect formula for The Sun Protector, their first sunscreen, which launched in June 2017 to rave reviews. “Maelove’s sunscreen is TOTALLY revolutionary,” and “It is so smooth that it is almost invisible. Bravo! Well done. This stuff works” are some of the customer reviews they received.

Among the sunscreen’s many benefits: it’s all-natural, chemical-free, vegan and cruelty-free, paraben-free, and hypo-allergenic, making it an ideal sun protection option for babies and kids. Its quick absorbing formula also helps make it an easy product to fit into a mother’s morning routine, while swiping some onto younger faces at the same time.

Maelove just unveiled three new, mom-friendly products to make a simple and effective skincare plan. The new lineup: The Day Eraser, a three-in-one makeup remover, oil wash, and milk cleanser combined, The Night Renewer, a gentle yet effective night cream featuring glycolic acid (one of the best ingredients for beautiful skin) and The Glow Maker, a serum of vitamins C and E with Ferulic Acid that will brighten and hydrate. All their products are formulated with sensitive skin in mind.

With this line, there’s no need to add more steps in your daily routine; the whole regimen takes less than 10 minutes and works as you go about your life, or (hopefully) catch a few hours of sleep. It eliminates the need for expensive add-ons like makeup remover and purchasing multiple serums. So far, the reviews from insiders have been glowing.

MIT Engineers Reinventing the Skincare Industry

Ever the perfectionists, the Maelove team chose to work with the ingredient providers and facilities that supply products to the world’s top designer skincare brands. With Maelove, customers get all of the benefits of a high-end name brand without the $200+ price tag. The most expensive product costs less than $50.00. With its price tag and quality, along with a commitment to excellent customer service, Maelove is a brand that can’t be missed!


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Jessica T

I love how easy this is to use. I have so much to do that I find it hard to stick with something that requires me to add additional steps to my daily routine.


OK, I’m curious about every single product you mentioned! My skin has changed so much after having kids and I’m realizing I need to invest in better skincare products.

Jen Temcio

I feel like I have tried so many products as well and none of them have really stood out above others. I am willing to give this line a shot though especially since it is affordabe. It sounds promising.

tara pittman

I like that the price is affordable. This is a brand that I need to check out.


My skin has been really bad lately with all the uni and work stress. I wonder if this range is available in the UK.

GiGi Eats

Skin care products and makeup confuse the CRAP out of me because there is JUST so much out there and everyone’s skin is just SOOOOOOOOOO different. Ugh. It confuses me so much. If this product worked for me I would praise the gods! LOL!

Tiffany Haywood

I think it’s awesome how the minds behind Maelove have taken their attention to detail and precision to a new place! What an amazing brand!

Aduke Schulist

Love how easy this is. Even I wouldn’t mind adding this to my routine.


Oh wow I’ve never heard about it, but I can agree to that “hype” products and disappointment. I would love to try the product.

Danish Rasool

Its wonderful how they have made products that all natural and perfect for kids and babies.


I need to check this out further. My skin needs extra care at this time of the year.

June Gil

Oh, I am going to have to try the sunscreen. I’m always looking for some good sunscreen for my face.


thats amazing wanna try it so bad hope everything turn out great

Stephanie Pass

This sounds like my kind of skincare. Even at 40, I still get breakouts, but I also am starting to have some dry skin and a few wrinkles.


It’s so important for brands to be cruelty free and paraben free these days. All natural ingredients is a plus as well! These products sound great for moms!

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