Why You Should Consider Steel for Your DIY Tiny Home


Unless you’ve been living in a vacuum, you have seen all the press given in recent years to the tiny home movement. As increasing numbers of people work towards downsizing, largely due to an uncertain economy, tiny homes have become quite attractive. So then, what is the tiny home movement and why are steel buildings so popular?

A Brief Rundown on the Tiny Home Movement

As stated above, the tiny house movement is simply the growing number of people who are looking to downsize their living space. Most often it is because it is cheaper to live in a small home than a large one. There is no easier way to say it!

The average American home is over 2600 sq. ft. whereas the typical tiny home is typically less than 400 sq. ft. Although some homeowners do eventually add on to modular prefab metal buildings, many are content to stay small. It costs less to heat, cool and maintains than a larger home, so why expand if extra space is not really needed?

Why choose a Steel Building?

Prefabricated steel buildings are often a much quicker and cheaper alternative for not only tiny homes but expanding schools, garden studios and more. Many would be surprised at how often steel buildings are used in the corporate and public sectors as well. Schools often use prefab buildings for extra classrooms, or even temporary classrooms and companies utilize metal buildings for warehouses and storage while a growing number of farms use metal buildings as barns. Price can range depending on the dimensions and accessories, but to gauge whether it’s worth it for you to invest in a steel building, visit the Armstrong Steel website which will allow you to pick every element you want for your building, for which you will receive a quote at the end.

Ease of Construction

Since steel buildings are easy to maintain and cost efficient, DIYers would do well to look at using a prefabricated metal building for their tiny home. They can be customized to your needs and expanded if necessary, but in any case, they are easier to build and much, much faster to complete. Whereas it takes literally months to complete concrete or wood structures, steel tiny homes can be easily constructed within days. Even when your tiny home was manufactured to custom specifications, it is fast and easy to assemble.

Insurance Companies Love Steel Buildings

Tiny homes are typically located off-grid and as such, are usually harder to insure. With limited public resources such as fire departments and emergency services, insurers don’t like to take unnecessary risks. Being naturally fire and weather resistant, insurance companies recognize the reduction in the risk they are being asked to carry.

Sometimes Small Enough to Forego Building Permits

In many areas of the country, special permits are needed to construct buildings over a certain size. Tiny homes prefabricated from steel are most often small enough to squeeze in under those limitations. Many times any building 10’ x 10’ is small enough to be constructed without permits. To be sure, you’d need to check with your local authorities, but in most states and communities, a small enough tiny house would fly in under the radar of building codes!

Looking for the perfect building for your new tiny home? Steel buildings are a perfect fit.

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