Keep Your Kids Tank Fueled When they Come Home from School #SandWin


When my kids come home from school it seems that the first thing they would do is open the fridge door. The hardest part I felt was making sure the snack choices were good for them.  With Lance snacks, you will be looked at as a winner in your household!  My kids enjoy their Lance snacks with a cold glass of milk or depending on the flavor a cold glass of juice.

Lance offers a variety of great snacks featuring two excellent baked crackers with delicious peanut butter or cheddar cheese inside the crackers. Not only will the cracker snacks help your kids to keep going but stay fuller longer.  They do include protein, fiber, and whole grains.

I also love the fact that with after school activities, sports, or play practice I can pack them for them to have to look forward to. I also do not have to worry about them being over hungry or hitting up the vending machines.

Lance Crackers: Library of Lance School

Lance snacks come in Lance ToastChee, Toasty, Whole Grain and Gluten Free Sandwich Crackers.  They have something for anyone.


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Lance Snacks

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  1. My grand kids hit the fridge when they come home from school too. I try to have good snacks waiting for them. They do like the Lance crackers

  2. Mary Beth Elderton on

    I got through college on Lance’s Toastchee and chocolate milk for breakfast lol. My kids and husband have them as part of a nice lunch 🙂

  3. Lance crackers are the best! My grandsons like taking their peanut butter crackers to school for snack time.

  4. I love these to pack in lunches. I like to take these to work for a morning or afternoon snack. Thanks

  5. sheri anderson on

    These crackers are so superior to others out there on the market, so yummy and the peanut butter are my fav, thanks!

  6. Pamela Gurganus on

    My family loves Lance snacks! We always have a couple of variety packs on hand for a quick and convenient snack!

  7. Stephanie Phelps on

    We always have the Toasty™ Cheddar crackers on hand they are great for road trips or just a quick snack!

  8. Geri Sandoval on

    I love the Lance Peanut Butter and Cheese Crackers they are my favorite. The kids love the ChocOLunch Vanilla Cream Cookies, hubby like the Hot&Spicy Peanut.

  9. Melissa Storms on

    The Toastchee are my favorites. I would really like to try their lemon nekote cookies too, they sound like they would be delicious with a glass of milk,

  10. These are wonderful crackers. They make a great snack, easy to pack in lunches, or take on the go. Family really likes them.

  11. I love their products. I keep a stash in my purse, diaper bag, truck, desk etc just in case I feel a sugar crash or get stuck somewhere and I need to eat or one of my five kids needs a snack *That never happens right?* lol

  12. Dotty J Boucher on

    I buy these for my grandchildren and yes for me to, I love dipping them in my afternoon tea.

  13. I love Lance crackers it’s great to have something so handy when you need a snack on the go.

  14. Angela Williams on

    As a kid I loved the crackers as a snack and now my kids can also enjoy the crackers as an after school snack which is wonderful.