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Drawn to Discover Makes Learning FUN!


Having 3 children ages 1, 4, and 8 means that one of my sons and daughter-in-law, have many “battles to fight” on a daily bases with each child. These fights range from changing a diaper to picking up their bedroom. Thankfully, they will have one less fight thanks to Drawn to Discover!

Drawn to Discover Makes Learning FUN!

Here’s what my daughter-in-law has to say about the program:

For my oldest child, academics come easily. He loves learning new things and most days you can find his nose in a book, but our one school struggle (besides homework) has been his handwriting. Connor’s handwriting, especially when rushing, is barely readable, which causes some correct answers to be marked incorrect. To help with his handwriting, during this last summer, before 3rd grade, I would have him copy pages from books. This activity was not fun for either of us and caused a lot of complaining! If only I had known about Drawn to Discover…

Drawn to Discover is an awesome program that uses art to help children learn. The program is interactive, but not with mouse clicks or swiping, instead it is with pencils, crayons and paper. There are video tutorials that the child can watch and follow along on their own paper (in the beginning of each block there are papers to print off to go a long with each lesson). In the program there are 2 different levels and then in each level there are blocks. Each block has a number of lessons. The lessons are made to build onto each other and are intended to go in order. In each lesson there is a warm up where the skills are taught to draw/write the final product. The lessons are also designed, so the child could be at any level of skill and still benefit. For the newer users it is very helpful to pause or rewind the video to help them keep up. My children that tried out the program are 4 (in his first year of preschool) and 8 (in third grade). Both followed the videos intently with no issues.

Drawn to Discover Makes Learning FUN!

Drawn to Discover

Childhood interactive ENRICHMENT video lessons built to develop fine motor skills into cognitive growth.

Our video programs are built for home study and enrichment but are also suited for the classroom. Children can learn at their own pace and master each skill, strengthening their weaknesses and enforcing their strengths. Research has shown, by developing fine motor skills, children have a greater ability to learn, comprehend, and develop.

Both my 4 year old and my 8 year old LOVE the program. Once we get started doing the tutorials they do not want to quit. Watching how intense my 4 year old watches and tries when completing a video gives me hope that he will pick up so much needed knowledge for kindergarten. He is in preschool, but he isn’t retaining what he is being taught, due to his anxiousness to go play or do arts and crafts instead of his work. How Drawn to Discover integrates learning into creativeness, I believe it will jumpstart his love for learning (with readable handwriting).

Drawn to Discover Makes Learning FUN!

I personally like Drawn to Discover for many reasons but my top three are as follows:

  • First, the kids are getting drawing tutorials with out having to go onto YouTube kids (not my favorite website for my 4 year old… he always ends up on an odd show).
  • Second, I feel like the kids are learning something, without being fully engrossed in just a screen.
  • Third, there was NO ARGUING! My children were happy to do the program, asked for more AND during the lesson, due to them concentrating, they were both pretty quite and getting along. A miracle!

Beware, when starting this program, have a couple of sharpened pencils, a set of 64 crayons and a ream of computer paper ready. Don’t fret… 64 crayons is not too many. Using Drawn to Discover will bring a love and appreciation to every color in the box and the kids will keep asking to learn more!

Learn More and Connect with Drawn to Discover: Website| Facebook |Twitter |Instagram |YouTube

Disclaimer: This product was received from Drawn to Discover for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post are those of the writer, who was not paid to endorse it. Only personal opinions are voiced about the product.


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Jeffrey Massey

I would Love to WIN, Because I Love Winning…..Thanks for all the GOODIES


interesting methods


like they have over 50,000 kids and growing!

Shirley Emitt

WOW what a review, sounds super. So much better than YouTube.


good way for kids to learn

Bonnie Lee

This sounds like a great program!!

Tammy Catterton

I have to say this s amazing explore kids minds to coloring & the arts keep their minds sharp


My kids love to draw.

Nichole Halbherr

I think this is such a unique and creative way to help children with learning and drawing!

jeanette sheets

very educational ,i love this

Amanda Alvarado

This would be perfect for our daughter! He handwriting is horrible but she wants to write in cursive. Her cursive isn’t always readable though! LOL

Jeanna Massman

This could really be a great program for my grandson. He has trouble with his fine motor skills.

Linda Manns Linneman

I love that they use art and that this program is interactive. My grandson could really use this help and I think he would enjoy it. Thank you so much for sharing this

Azeem Isaahaque

This is such a good idea for kids! Very thoughtful

Karen Gonyea

Sounds like a great program !!


I love art – and going back to pens and paper!

Deanna Merritt

Creative way to learn!


My little boy is really getting in to drawing right now 🙂 I am running out of place to hang them!

Cassandra Huber

This is definitely what we need in my home. My son hates writing, but loves to draw. I guarantee this would make writing easier around here.

susan smoaks

this looks great for our son. all children learn differently and i think this would be the best thing for our creative son.


I would love to try it out

Rebekah Thompson

This would be great for my fourth grader. He has always has a little trouble with his handwriting.

Antoinette M

This will be perfect for my daughter who loves art.

Philip Lawrence

I like that it starts with young children to improve writing skills which is the best time to start.

Nicole Martin

I love this!!

Juanita May

Sounds like a good way for kids to learn.

Eileen Boyce

I love it! very educational.

Laurie Emerson

I love how this teaches children to learn in such a fun way.


This is a great idea. I’d like to try it with my kids.

Janine Hwang

I agree this would help get my kids off the iPad!

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