BenQ e-Reading Lamp Helps with Less Strain on Your Eyes


I was excited when I was offered to review the BenQ e-Reading Lamp.  Our living room does not have a light in the ceiling so for years we have had 2 lamps but one corner of our living room is always dim in the evening/night time.  It wasn’t a big deal until my husband started working on the other end of the couch, and I have worried about his eyes.  Whether he is on his laptop or reading, it is important for him to have good lighting.

BenQ e-Reading Lamp Helps with Less Strain on Your Eyes

About the BenQ e-Reading Lamp

What I love about this lamp is it can be a table lamp or a floor lamp. It has a unique Smile Curve Technology offers which is an energy saving, bright, intelligent, eco-friendly and comfortable light that also reduces the contrast glare of on-screen reading. It is perfect for modern reading needs, like studying, working, browsing, and playing video games on screens in your living room, study room or office.  

BenQ e-Reading Lamp Helps with Less Strain on Your Eyes

Without the floor extension.

I like that it can have the extension to be on the floor OR you can use the floor one without the extension and have it sit on your coffee table or desk. The lamp has a dimmer switch so you can have it very bright or adjust it to be less bright.  It has a swing arm which helps you adjust it to the angle you need it to best suit your needs.  The lamp (light) itself also is adjustable to attain the correct position that you need for your lighting needs.

This model is gray but it also comes in Daybreak Golden, Galaxy Silver, Interstellar Blue, Sunset Red, and Aqua Green.  The lamp is made out of Aluminum Alloy, Zinc Alloy, Engineering Plastics and has a paint finish.  There are 36 lights in the light head and come with the lamp which will give you 40000 hours of light.   The cord fits nicely in the floor lamp extension although you can’t see that in the first picture as I hadn’t put it in there.  It is 18 watts or 150 incandescent equivalents.

BenQ e-Reading Lamp Floor Stand Extension

The BenQ e-Reading Lamp Floor Stand Extension turns the BenQ e-Reading Lamp into to a floor-standing lamp; the increased vertical height gives you more flexibility when reading on a sofa or in bed. The floor stand extension is sold separately which you can view here.

You can also put this lamp on your desk with the addition of their table clamp.

desk lamp clamp

BenQ e-Reading Lamp Desk Clamp

BenQ e-Reading Lamp Desk Clamp allows you to have more space on your desk instead of taking up room on the desk itself.  This also gives the lamp even more versatility!

This Floor Stand Extension is only compatible for BenQ e-Reading desk lamp, please make sure you have a BenQ e-Reading desk lamp. After the installation, you can rotate the LED by 360°. Take the optimal BenQ e-Reading lighting to the height and angle that you need Easy setup and disassembly Metal materials provide high durability and sustainability.

You can visit their website and social media below:

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Sally Gearhart

This is a very nice lamp and so many cool features. I really like the design of this lamp and that you can use as a floor or desk lamp. My eyes has really been bothering me lately and I’ve never really thought about the lighting. Definitely has me thinking about making some changes, thanks for sharing.

Tammy Catterton

wow unique lamp fixture looks so cool. I love the features it has . I could use some new lighting for office section of the house here

Melissa Storms

Tese lights would be perfect in my sons room. I would totally need the floor extension and put it behind his desk because he has knocked over and broken all of the tabletop and clip on lights he has had.


I had not heard of this brand of lighting. As a reader at night it would give me less eye strain.

Margaret S Porter

I love the design. I could use this in my home. I work from home and have two lamps. this would be a great help to my old eyes.

Michelle Castagne

I like the design of this lamp.The 360 rotation is a great feature.

Lynne B

This lamp seems to have everything. I like that there is a floor extension and a desk clamp

shannon fowler

This would be excellent to have! i could use it for so many different things. I would definitely use it to read at night.

monique s

It is so great is causes less eye strain. I do so much reading this is perfect for me

paula cheadle

this lamp looks fantastic and very cool, I think even the kids would use it

Kim Avery

I love all the features of this! My husband has been having a hard time reading with our regular lighting after dark so this is perfect for him!

Cheryl Chervitz

Good light is very important. This is a great looking lamp.


This would be a great lamp to use for reading as well as for embroidery and other craft projects.


I like the tap on/off feature. Finding the switch in the dark can be a problem and this would help. I like that it comes in different colors, too. I could use it clamped onto my sewing table or use it as a floor lamp to read by. Great lamp!

Sharon Rooney

Oh wow, this lamp would be great in my den. I love that I could either use it on my desk or on the floor. It sure would help with reading books in my den where the light is not bright.

Jeri Accardo

That would be great for me, I usually sit on the couch to do some very tiny detailed bead work, these kinds of lamps are great for that.

Yona Williams

I really like the swoop-like design of the light.

Robin Blankenship

This looks amazing. I love this lamp. I love the desk clamp. I never have enough room on my desk and this would help with that.

Cindy Bowling

I could really use this lamp for my quilting projects. I never seem to have enough light.

Sarah Oswald

I love this lamp it would be awesome to own I love that it can be positioned in a bunch of different ways.

Robin Abrams

We have a old house that lights are terrible. This lamp sounds like it would be perfect for in my office. My eyes hurt bu the time I am done with my work because of lack of lights

rochelle haynes

Looking good love to have this

Debbie P

I really like this lamp and can could really use one.


this would do me good i hate te high lamp in my lvroom and office and i do alot f craf all the time

Jessica Gipson

This is a great lamp, I love that it saves energy and good for the enviroment. The modern style is eye catching and it’s bright enough to read or study.

Deborah W.

This is a sleek lamp. I love that it can be a table lamp or a floor lamp. Smart designers!

Sarah L

I need better light at my computer. I’d want to use the clamp to save room.

Laura Abramson

I would really love these lamps. I do so many crafts and have diminishing eye sight. The lights would definitely help me see better. Crossing my fingers….

Michelle Proper

My ;living room is too dark for my liking. This is perfect…especially when I want to make some jewelry and need the extra light!

Jamie Williams

I’m in awe of this desk lamp. My poor eyes are so strained daily anyway, I like that this lamp helps that. I love it comes with the clamp so I could use it for more than just a desktop lamp.

Olivia Douglass

Wow, this looks like a great lamp for my new desk at work!!!

Teresa A Thompson

I love the design of the lamps.

denise low

Thank you for sharing. I would love to have this lamp the ones at our house are very dim. My husband has Macular Degeneration and this would really help when he reads.

aaron reck

I like that I can change the light on it from brighter to dimmer. I need dimmer light cause I have to keep busy and the brighter light sometimes gives me a migraine.


These look like they would be really useful in my sewing room!

Pat Schwab

I love this lamp. I have trouble reading a lot of print and I have terrible lighting which makes it difficult. I didn’t know you could buy an extension and use it as a floor lamp also. Thanks

annette fisher

Wow, they really thought about how + what consumers need in a lamp. This lamps looks and sounds amazing. will put this on my Christmas List. Thanks for your review.

Cathleen King

The lamp is cool with so many features and absolute love the design.


This could be very useful!

Anita Duvall

Love the versatility. Floor lamp to desk lamp. Would be great for sewing too!

J Rice Jones

ah this would be so useful for my pc building

Darlene Carbajal

I like that it won’t strain your eyes as much.

Kathy Eyre

I like that you can use this for a floor lamp or a desk lamp, I’d go for the desk lamp

pu ye

I love the design. I could use this in my home.

Tara Torres

My family loves lamps like these. We need another one.

Eileen Boyce

I’d love to win this perfect lamp with neat features.

debbie wilson

I have noticed my eye sight is getting worse,and I must say it is probably being on my laptop 2 long,,but i’m 62 also..i love the seagull design 4 the lamp to put on my night stand…Thanks 4 a chance 2 win!!

Katherine L

This light looks very unique. Awesome how it puts less strain on your eyes too!

Brandon Sparks

This is the perfect lamp. It’s so amazing. This is a lamp that I could really use..

Bran C Havens

What a great lamp. I would be so very happy to have one like it.