WishBone! Please Transform My Chicken!


WishBone! I love you! With this new health kick I’m on I have been trying to keep my eating under control. This is very hard because I love food!! Chicken is at the top of my list!! I absolutely love everything about chicken but after eating baked chicken for so long it was time to switch it up!

I stumbled across this wishbone recipe while on Pinterest! It wasn’t long after the first bite that I fell in love!! WishBone’s Crispy Caesar Chicken Breasts was an easy to prepare and tasty treat for the whole family.Inline image 2Inline image 1

After following the recipe to the tee the prep time was only 15 minutes and cook time was about 20-25 minutes.

The meal was light enough for me to even eat two chicken breasts! I had my meal with parmesan mashed potatoes and fresh spinach. I could eat this every day and I’m so glad the entire family enjoyed it also! 


– Chicken breasts

– 3 Eggs

– Wish-Bone® E.V.O.O Caesar Vinaigrette Dressing

– Wheat bread crumbs

– Potatoes

– Fresh parmesan 

– Fresh spinach

– Milk

– Butter


1. Wash off chicken

2. Crack eggs and wisp into  a bowl

3. Dip chicken into the egg

4. Roll the dipped chicken over the bread crumbs

5. Place chicken on baking tray pan and back at 375 degrees

6. Boil potatoes until soft

7. Mash potatoes (with or without skin)

8. Pour milk in potatoes and stir on stove eye on low

9. Put butter and parmesan into potatoes and stir more

10. Boil Spinach on low until everything is done


Thank you WishBone!! You have made dieting so delicious! 

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