Baby floor seats – Are they good or bad?


All the expecting ladies and new moms must have heard about baby floor seats. There has been a great debate over whether these are good or bad for the kids. Well, there are many different kinds of seats. These are available in multiple designs and styles. If you choose the appropriate one for your child, it can be the right decision. Make sure you use the seat occasionally, just for a short period.

Why should I get a Baby Floor seat?

It is one of the most frequently asked questions by the new mothers. A baby seat is not a necessity for your baby. But, having it can be helpful to you sometimes.

Many baby seat manufacturing companies claim that a floor seat should be the first seat for your child. They suggest that instead of placing your kid on the floor, you should make them sit on a floor seat. In this way, their back is well-supported and hence they can quickly look around. Moreover, it can help your kid to enjoy playing in multiple ways. All this sounds interesting, right?

Perks of using a Floor Seat

In addition to bringing convenience for the mother, getting a floor seat can be beneficial for your child. The seat offers numerous benefits, and some common of these are mentioned below.

  • It keeps the child off the ground.
  • Making a baby sit on the floor seat can promote the back and neck strength.
  • It helps the baby to be prepared for sitting in other high chairs.
  • It can be great fun for your kid if the chair bounces or reclines.

Well, these advantages might sound appealing to you, but you should look at the other side of the picture as well.

Is a baby floor seat good for the development of baby?

The development of your baby should be your primary concern.  For allowing yourself to be hands free for some time, placing the kid on floor seat might sound a perfect solution for you. But, it is really a good option? Do you think it is safe and helpful to the physical development of the baby?

Immature Sitting position

When you make your baby sit on the floor seat, her pelvis is tilted in a backward direction, and the head is tilted forward which results in an immature sitting position.  These seats give a very unnatural upright body posture, and the immobility badly affects their development.

Does not help the kid to learn how to sit

Here is a common misconception among the parents. Most of them think that a baby floor seat will assist their child in learning how to sit correctly.

The floor seats keep the infant’s lower limbs and pelvis locked into a fixed position. It hinders the baby from using her body muscles and prevents the use of the sensory system that the kid needs for attaining pelvic control.  Keeping the baby in floor seats for too long will stop them from developing and exploring multiple dynamic skills. The development of these skills is essential to let them sit confidently on their own.

Now you know that the baby floor seats are not suitable for making the baby sit in for a long time. But, in case you have some urgency, and there is nobody around, you can place the baby in the seat for a while and do your work.

How to choose a baby seat wisely?

There are multiple options of baby seats out there in the market, and one can get overwhelmed to see such a diverse collection. To make sure you are buying the best one, here are a few helpful tips.

Sitting surface

Sitting surface if the chair you choose is the most crucial element to check. Remember that the poor positioning of the pelvis can affect the whole body posture of the kid. Therefore, you should be very careful in this regard. Some chairs are made in a way that makes your child sit in a very unhelpful and uncomfortable sitting posture. You should choose a seat that has a flat surface so that the child’s body posture is not disturbed.

Arm support

Make sure the baby seat you choose allows your kid to wobble. The seat should not lock the arms and let the kid use them for avoiding slump and correcting wobble.  There should be a support surface for the arms of the kids.  You should find a seat that features a string and steady chest level support. Many options come with a tray which is added for supporting the arms.

Leg support and position

In addition to the bums, little kids also need to use their legs and feet for learning to sit correctly. The best baby seat for your kid is the one that offers a bigger and broader sitting surface so that both the legs and feet can be kept in contact with the surface. Buy a seat that supports a bit of legs movement, and avoid the ones that fully immobilize the legs to make sure there will be nothing wrong with your baby.

Features to look for when buying a baby floor seats


Some seats are cushioned and foamy while some are made by using hard plastic. Make sure that the one you choose has a soft sitting surface so that your child can have a comfortable sitting experience.


Many baby seats come with a complimentary try while there are some that don’t have one. As mentioned earlier, you need to get one with a try because it offers better arm support.


The seat you shoes should have sturdy straps that can ensure enhanced support and improved safety of the kid. Always harness the straps once you make your baby sit in the chair.


Choose a simple and sleek design. Not only it will be comforting for the kid, but the seats will be more comfortable to clean if there are no sharp nooks.


Different seats come with different entertaining features. Some models have built-in lights while some can play music for pleasing the kid. Some seats are made to recline and vibrate as well. You can choose any of these depending on the budget and personal preference.


It would be better if you choose a lightweight seat. Some foldable seats are also available in the market.  Buying a portable one would be favorable for you as you can easily carry them while traveling and store them even in a limited space.

Final Verdict

It is not a good idea to keep your child locked in a baby floor seat. It can severely affect his development, and that should not be the cost of your convenience. However, you can use the floor seat if you really need to. For instance, if you are a single mother and have some urgent work to do which requires both of your hands free, you can keep the kid in the floor seat for a while.

Simply put, you should buy a floor seat. Keep it in your place and only use it when needed. Don’t make it a routine. There are many recommended options of baby floor seats. You can select any of these depending on your personal choice and budget.

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