Moms- You Have to Stop Putting Yourself Last!


When you have children, you, of course, put them first- and always will do (even when they’re all grown up). But the problem that some of us can have as moms, is that we spend so much time looking after everyone else that we simply forget that we’re important too. We stop working on our goals, we stop focusing on our health and neglect our appearance. This can lead to stagnation, self-esteem issues, and mental health problems- giving too much certainly isn’t a crime but it’s crucial that you think about yourself as well. Moms- here’s how you can stop putting yourself last all the time.

Build your skills

There are plenty of ways that you can build your skills, even in the limited time you have around looked after your children. You could start up a home-based business, buying and selling things for a profit. Have a professional design you a website, and consider utilizing a marketing company for promotion. You can use tools such as vps networks to store important date online relating to your company. You could blog, or you could freelance, there are plenty of sites out there which would help you to get started. All of these would look great on your resume and allow you to learn new things- and as a bonus could earn money for your family! You could study an online course, do a course in person or start a new hobby. These are all productive ways to spend any free time you have. They can help you work towards your goals, help you to maintain an identity outside of being a parent and could improve your employability too.

Pamper yourself

One thing that many parents tend to do is neglect their appearance. Your children might look immaculate, but you constantly go without. Maybe it’s a time or money restraint or maybe you just don’t see the point- however, it’s something well worth doing. You’ll feel better about yourself which can boost your self-esteem, it’s more than just shallow- the way we look really does affect the way we feel. Run a hot bath, use a deep conditioner and a face mask. Visit the hairdresser and buy yourself a new outfit every now and again. You work hard and deserve it, no need to feel bad if your children already have everything they need!

Spend time with friends

As much as we all live our children, spending time with other adults on occasion can be crucial for clearing our head! Grown-up conversation with people that ‘get it’ and that we can relax and have fun with is truly good for the soul. Work out a date every now and again that you and your friends can meet and make an evening of it. Childfree, doing things you enjoy whether it’s going to a concert, out for a meal or just having some drinks at home.

Moms, are you guilty of constantly putting yourself last?

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