Why You Should Add Natural Products into Your Beauty Regime


Commercially produced skincare and beauty products can be a main source of harmful toxins, especially for people who blindly rely on their favourite brands. A great majority of these products have artificial ingredients and chemicals such as parabens, phthalates and certain sulphates which have been linked to the development of cancer in our bodies. While beauty and skincare products packed with such chemicals may temporarily have a positive effect on your skin, you should know that in the long run, you are causing serious damage to your health and well-being. This is because many artificial ingredients absorb into your skin and build up in the body.

The good news is that there are many natural skincare products which work better than most commercial products, especially in the long run. In additional to being free from harmful ingredients, these products are also often inexpensive and have other benefits such as boosting metabolism and providing your body with essential vitamins and minerals.

Here are a few reasons why you should add natural products into your beauty regime.

Free from harmful ingredients

Did you know that your bottle of commercially produced moisturizer could lead to diseases such as infertility, bioaccumulation, endocrine disruptions, organ system toxicity, cancer, and many contamination issues? Many people are unaware that basic beauty and skincare products such as moisturisers, shampoos, deodorants, etc. contain harmful chemicals such as parabens and phthalates which can cause a myriad of health issues, especially in the long run. At the very least, artificial colours and other chemicals in these products can cause problems such as acne, irritation, redness and inflammation.

Natural skincare products contain only natural ingredients which are gentle on your skin and work better in the long run.


Throughout their lifecycle, commercial skin care products can cause considerable damage to the environment. From manufacturing to disposal, chemicals from these products enter our water supply and are released into the air, causing damage to the eco-system. However, ingredients for natural skin care and beauty products are organically sourced, ensuring that fewer chemicals are released into the environment.

More beneficial overtime

Natural products as opposed to their commercial counterparts are free from unnecessary chemicals and irritants. They are gentler on your skin and hair and have been known to work better over time. Natural ingredients such as raw honey and Matcha green tea are natural antioxidants which contain essential vitamins and minerals. These natural ingredients serve to reduce inflammation, acne, wrinkles and fine lines over time. Natural products also help to combat free-radical damage, which is a primary source of oxidation in our bodies.

Wide product range

Not very long ago, the range of natural beauty and skincare products was limited to a few brands. However, increasing awareness of harmful chemicals in conventional beauty products has led consumers to demand organic and natural products. Brands including NakinSkincare.com are now investing more resources than ever into developing natural formulas such as mineral creams and moisturisers. Now, you can find a wide variety of all-natural products for different skin types and complexions.

Single ingredient products

Natural skincare products are now being formulated with single ingredients such as tea tree oil which target specific issues such as acne or inflammation. This allows people to choose products based on their needs – for example, rose hip oil concentrate can help combat hyper pigmentation, while moisturizers formulated with Shea butter are suitable for people with extremely dry skin/dry patches.

Natural ingredients are biocompatible

Natural ingredients in makeup and skincare are biocompatible, allowing your skin to become softer and healthier. Furthermore, adding these products to your beauty regime can lead to reduced irritation and skin sensitivity which is caused by long term use of skin care products with harsh chemicals.

Natural products are also free of perfumes and many have the same texture as expensive creams and moisturizers without the added nuisance of harsh chemicals. Organic or natural skin care and beauty products are also formulated with high-quality ingredients such as raw honey and deliver long term results.

From containing harmful chemicals such as parabens and phthalates, conventional skin care and beauty products can cause hormonal disruptions and many other issues such as cancer, especially in the long run.

Natural skincare products are not only free from harsh chemicals but also contain many necessary ingredients such as vitamins and minerals. These products are therefore gentle on your skin and can help combat issues such as free radical damage, premature aging of your skin, acne, inflammation, etc.

However, it is important to understand that for people who have been using commercially produced skin care and beauty products on a daily basis, shifting to all-natural products can be very difficult. Initial use of natural products can cause acne or inflammation, which is the natural side effect of your body detoxifying and adjusting to chemical-free formulas. Hence, in order to lessen the severity of this adjustment period, it is recommended that you slowly start using natural skin care products, starting from mild products such as moisturisers and toners, and then build up to more intense formulas such as anti-ageing creams.

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