Why Vaping is Way Better Than Actual Cigarette Smoking


It’s reported that the total civilian and military casualties in World War 2 were 418,500 deaths. Smoking kills more than 480,000 smokers every year, which is 8.7% more than World War 2 casualties. Firearm, alcohol, illegal drugs, and HIV abuse deaths combined are still less than deaths caused or related to smoking. A lot of countries and non-profit organizations are working on finding ways to reduce the impact and use of cigarette smoking on populations. A lot of pressure is being put on tobacco industries, but it’s not easy since their lobbying funds are in the billions caliber. Vaping is seen as a way out of the horrific grip of cigarette smoking. Vaping isn’t really new, not at all. Vaping is almost thousands of years old, since the ancient Egyptians used hot stones to vaporize herbs and then inhale the vapor produced. Fast forward into electricity, now vapes started to counteract the negative impact of smoking. We’ll be presenting you with the reason why we think vaping is better than smoking.

Nicotine Addiction

The main problem with cigarette addiction is that there’s a withdrawal process after a few hours; and the reason is nicotine. Your brain is full of nicotine receptors, awaiting nicotine to be activated; once those receptors are active, dopamine is released. Dopamine is what makes you eager for more “hits”, causing these receptors to be hard-wired into thinking that they will constantly be activated. This little loop of feedback is what makes people crave cigarettes and always makes them want to come back for more. This is where vaping can actually be extremely beneficial as it helps in letting of that addiction gradually.

Smoking Without the Harmful Chemicals

What makes vaping superior to smoking tobacco is that it can provide you with nicotine without all the other chemicals in cigarettes. Research shows that cigarettes can contain up to 599 additives that may all be safe for use in their idle state, yet the real problem arises when they are burnt. Vaping liquid contains less than 1% of the harmful chemicals present in tobacco, since there is no tar, carbon monoxide, or ash that enter the lung.

Safety in Style

Seeing the progression of the vaping technology, it becomes very easy to find something that’s suitable for any one. Vaping is one of the most common ways to quit smoking tobacco, by providing you with a safe nicotine buzz without all the harmful chemicals that accompany smoking cigarettes. All the flavors, shapes, and vaping equipment makes it hard not to find something that you’d fall in love with. Juul Canada Online offers you a wide array of vape kits that can get you on the road in no time.

No one said vaping is completely harmless, but it’s definitely less harmful than smoking tobacco. Research still hasn’t been going on for a long enough period to determine the exact dangers and side effects of vaping. A lot of countries are starting to regulate vape mods and demand that the liquid ingredients are tested to meet certain standards. Cigarettes are starting to go out of fashion, it’s time to move on into a newer and safer territory.

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Joanna Dustin
5 years ago

I totally agree with you. When you smoke a cigarette it might be your addiction but there are less possibilities with vaping. Vaping liquid has a less harmful chemical than a cigarette. Even cigarette is dangerous for health. You can easily carry vape anywhere. Loved to read your article!

Freddy Stevens
5 years ago

Well explained, I am already in process to move vape from continues smoke and its help. For it Vape Shop Peoria Arizona I am getting a best flavored vape.

Ava keeton
4 years ago

Yes, I agree with you! The main problem with the cigarette is the nicotine and E juice is available in 0% nicotine and a lot of flavors so this is enough for smokers to quit smoking by vaping. Thanks a lot!